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SHKLOVSKY Oleg Mendeleevich

( Actor)

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Biography SHKLOVSKY Oleg Mendeleevich
photo SHKLOVSKY Oleg Mendeleevich
Oleg Shklovsky (09.07.1947 years)

Oleg Shklovsky Mendeleevich. The brilliant character actor who has performed the role of Jackie Chesneya in the comedy "Hello, I your aunt!" Leading TV program "What Happened". Played supporting actor in the film 'The Prisoner of the Chateau d'If', 'Deja vu', 'Love the French and Russian', 'Steep'.

After graduating from the 8 classes of secondary school, Oleg Shklovsky came to work at the studio "Mosfilm". Was radiomontazherom, assistant sound engineer. In the cinema disappointed after the incident on the set at Ivaga Pyr'ev - Oleg gape, touched a cable, and the famous master of a young man threw a hammer.

Then Shklovsky was at the dairy plant equipment as a driver-loader. Simultaneously, he studied at the School of Young Workers. Receiving a secondary education, he enrolled in the school-studio of. Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater in the USSR they. Gorky. There he noticed Oleg Efremov, and in 1970, invited the troupe in "Contemporary".

. Oleg Shklovsky worked in the theater 20 years, . played many, . became quite famous and popular actor, . especially after the release on television screens the comedy "Welcome, . I am your aunt! "tried his hand at directing, . wrote scripts, . play, . prose, . acted in films and on television,
. Among the best Movie parts: Fleran ( "Bartender of the golden anchor"), Debreu ( "Prisoner of the Chateau d'If"), doctor ( "I promised, I'll go"), Jacques (Love the French and Russian), Lev ( "The priest was dog ") and Henry Baskerville in the television drama" Hound of the Baskervilles. "

. But every year Shklovskiе? more and more thought about what made a mistake in choosing a profession that does not like acting, and once wrote a letter of resignation
. He taught Oriental martial arts, was busy with the restoration of the Orthodox Church. He sang in the choir, was a reader, restorer, was engaged in administrative - economic activity.

Oleg Shklovsky returned to the profession in the late 90's. Guild Screen Actors Guild in Russia at the festival "Constellation" handed him the prize for best male supporting actor in the movie "The priest had a dog". Then something about Shklov and remembered directors - are being invited to new projects. At the ORT channel left channel "As it was," to which he also suggested Shklovskii.

Actor's work:
1. Hello, I'm Your Aunt! - 1975 (comedy)
2. Winter Evening in Gagra - 1985 (Drama)
3. Additional arrives at the second way - 1986 ()
4. The bartender from the "Golden Anchor" - 1986 (Detective) ... Fleran
5. The right people - 1987 (Melodrama)
6. Deja Vu - 1988 (comedy)
7. Prisoner of the Chateau d'If - 1989 (Adventure) ... Debreu
8. Play for Millions - 1991 (comedy)
9. Oysters from Lausanne - 1992 (comedy)
10. I promised, I'll go - 1992 (Drama) ... doctor
11. All okay gentlemen or a weekend on the Russian ... - 1992 (Crime comedy)
12. The priest had a dog ... - 1993 (Crime drama) ... Leva
13. Abyss, the seventh round - 1993 (Drama)
14. Love the French and Russian - 1994 (Melodrama) ... Jacques
15. Steep - 1998 (Detective)
16. Steep cops - 1998 (Detective)
17. Salvation Army - 2000 (comedy)

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SHKLOVSKY Oleg Mendeleevich, photo, biography
SHKLOVSKY Oleg Mendeleevich, photo, biography SHKLOVSKY Oleg Mendeleevich  Actor, photo, biography
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