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ROWE Alexander

( Director)

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Alexander Rowe (08.03.1906 year - the year 28.12.1973)

Alexander Rowe was born in 1906 in St. Sergius, in 1930 renamed Zagorsk.

Carefree childhood ended for Sasha in 10 years. His father was an Irishman, was invited to Russia as an engineer, a prominent specialist milling industry. In the war Arthur Rowe returned to Ireland. The family had no means, the mother seriously ill. Sasha hoisted on their fragile shoulders the burden too heavy.

Sasha traded first matches, scallops, which he supplied the artisans, craftsmen. Sasha graduated from the seven years, undermining the money for further studies. On the advice of his mother, entered the industrial-economic college. But he was drawn art, and he became a student of film school B. Tchaikovsky. Then he studied at the College of Dramatic. M. Yermolova. Fortune smiled on him 'Mezhrabpom-film', where Rowe worked first as an assistant director at the famed I. Protazanov during the filming of 'puppets' and 'Bride'.

'Mezhrabpom-film' soon became the world's only studio for children 'Soyuzdetfilm', in which Rowe began staging kinoskazki 'wave of the wand'. Prior to his miracles on the screen were carried out using hand-drawn or puppet animation. Rowe first confided the magical story live actors. Worked resourcefully. For example, recalled how did not manage to capture the winter scenes - the snow has melted: 'was invented in the' pike word 'to make a new scene -' Auburn, bitter winters, summer red '. It came out of the situation with the kind of winter, and the picture was enriched with new tricks - the transition from winter to summer in the eyes of the astonished spectator '.

. During the filming of 'Vasilisa the Beautiful "Rowe asked the fellow-craftsmen in the workshops Zagorski toys, and they produced a mock dragon 11 meters long, 5 meters in height
. Inside housed 20 people. During the shooting of Ivan the horse refused to approach the snake - so he was terrible.

Tale, believed Rowe, is inseparable from the beauty. When the author of these lines studied VGIK, they arranged meetings with leading cinematographers. Alexander Arturovich in his lecture brought a mountain of African masks. It turned out he was a passionate traveler, traveled with their films almost the entire planet, has visited 22 countries in Africa, where most interested in distinctive folk art.

. He wanted to put kinoskazku scenario A. Platonov 'Good Tit'
. Do not have time.

Today we are witnessing an unprecedented flowering of the genre, who dedicated his life to Roe. Sci-Fi, 'horror' - all kinds kinoskazki. Pictures of aliens, the rebellious robots, vampires, animated dinosaurs and other wonders of gathering a record number of viewers around the world. Electronics, computer graphics and other new items 'fairytale' technology make it possible to surprise us with unprecedented visual effects. And at the origins of all these wonders of the screen was a good and wise storyteller - Aleksandr Rou.

. In 1968, Alexander Rowe was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

. Died Dec. 28, 1973 in Moscow.

. Movies 'Koschey Immortal', 'Mary-mistress', 'Jack Frost' have become as much a part of our childhood, as machines with soda and cream ice cream.

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ROWE Alexander, photo, biography
ROWE Alexander, photo, biography ROWE Alexander  Director, photo, biography
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