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No steam

( pop group)

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Panel with a strange name 'Nepara', brought into the domestic pop scene and fresh unexplored genre 'songs for those over thirty', well, or so. 'Nepara' is the duo consisting of thirty years of the composer and singer Alexander Showa and of twenty beauties with magnetic eyes named Wick.

The first song the group - 'Another reason' - won the audience almost instantaneously. It seemed that almost no one had sung on the relationship of people who would like to, but can not because of various social causes, such as: another family, children, work, home, ordered life. What could be closer to people aged duo?

. Sami group members strongly support the idea of his own 'gypsy' and yet in every way intrigue the audience as the fulfillment of soulful songs about the 'other family', and the tender embrace of attached to the debut album booklet
. 'We met by chance - say artists - what happened, you know'. Now you think what you want.

As for the actual musical material, almost all of it deserves to be commended. Album 'Another family' was released recently, but in all music stores, he takes pride of place at a very high shelf with the most important novelties. 'NEPARA' dismantled, like hot cakes: it is really a great album. It could be even better if not used in the arrangements of disco elements, as the music itself 'NEPARA' to the disco is irrelevant.

But the artists decided otherwise - of their right. It is important that these constants disco bits (high violin losses, light guitars, sometimes the harmony itself) do not look like negligence or inability to make arrangement. They look like a conscious step songwriter. And if they think it's necessary, this opinion must be respected. Although, in my view, to such music came naturally to a quieter sound.

Theme songs in general the same as in the title 'Another reason' - as we would like, but can not. Strangely, I feel the action of the subject, even at its cynical and seemingly nothing is not surprised soul. And if I do not touch the problem of long eighteen, the problems that sings 'Nepara', you know, touch. A rare fact.

There on the album and a very funny song. This is a cover of mega hit 'Boney M' 'Sunny', entitled 'Autumn'. Something tells me that this song destined sweet and cloudless summer life.

Summary simple. Album 'NEPARA' Another family should be sure to buy anyone who is interested in the domestic pop music. There are so rare to hear something, which we have not heard before. Even if it is not heard previously executed beaten disco tricks - melody and lyrics 'NEPARA' deserve the full attention. If you are, of course, closer to thirty. I think all young people are unlikely to be interested in. Young people simply do not understand what they mean.

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  • Lydia for No steam
  • I am your ardent fan. It is unfortunate that in our city was a big problem to buy your album. Thank you for all your songs.
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