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Tarbaev Sangadzhi


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Biography Tarbaev Sangadzhi
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Tarbaev Sangadzhi

- 15.04.82

Experience in KVN
- With 96-year. First played for the school team of KVN of Kalmykia. He came to them in Sochi. Festival Kivinen-2003 for me was the seventh.

. Another worked for the team
. - School team of Kalmykia, 'Elista saiga', 'Orient Express', 'Children Lumumba', 'Samurai', now - Ore.

. It was in KVN
. - As a little boy who had to go and something to sing
. I went out and got: We played then friendly against 'Mahachkalinskiy vagrants', they are to us came to Elista.

Titles, achievements
- Champion of the Euroleague. Another Cup of Moscow, but it was unconsciously: And, of course, Jurmala, dark Kivinen.

Favorite team (except their own)
- 'Mahachkalinskiy vagabonds' - this is my godfathers KVN. And BSU.

Star Hour
- Probably, exit to the big leagues. This is one of those peaks KVNovskoy career, which dreams of any KVNschik.

Memorable failure
- Probably, they, as such, was not yet.

For that loves KVN
- Over the atmosphere.

For that hates KVN
- Do not know. I, apparently, because of his love, I do not know - what to hate.

Occupation outside KVN
- Student PFUR. International Relations, specialization - Arabic and English languages.

- Sports.

Marital status
- Single. Twice a marriageable.

Role of KVN (by his own estimation)
- Serious KVNschik, who said serious things with the impenetrable face. My crown - the final phrase.

Where does
- Now in Moscow.

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  • Eliza for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • I like San! Jokes in the subject, the high, the more aziat.U п+яLпTпЁп¦п+п+я-п¦ his eyes, with some "zest" VOOOT ...
  • Irina for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • Clever and nice moloy man.
  • Anonymous for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • Lyuba for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • Very cute and charming:)
  • Irina for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • Such beautiful eyes no more, only in Him! How lucky his favorite girl, she will simply drown in them and in himself.
  • Olga for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • Hi Sen! We have long fanateem on PFUR, especially on his handsome captain Sangadzhi!
  • Madina for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • Childhood dream, to meet with Sangadzhi Tarbaevym ! He just cutie!
  • sybil for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • Cool straight like a star even be easier to make a character closer to the people))) then prices would generally not be! and now has price tag weighs !((((
  • Alexandra for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • I loved when you were the program "Around the World", sorry that now you do not manage it. Generally you are a good leader, as people do not know, although I would like to ...
  • Alexandra for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • But in general!.. I'll tell you something that. You do not want to talk, because the difference between us is small, I'm 18, yes you are older, do I think that I'll be with you on "You". I love the program about putishestviya whole life to look, when I saw you in "Around the World", immediately you appreciated the good side, with that which you liked me. But it was so long ago, and you I still nravishsya, so it happened. But I do not know how to find you approach, or rather I know, but we need more and you find. It would be interesting to learn about you something new. What are you people. For example I boldly say that I'm very good! Do not like to praise myself, but how else do you say. The fact that I dared you probably already noticed. I do not know yet how to do so I had a web address, so email me yet.
  • San-Mei for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • San, you're a great leader.
  • Albina for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • You're just super Sangadzhi! Good luck and happiness ....
  • Innochka for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • Sen Sun ..........:-)
  • Lena for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • I love you
  • Alesia for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • I was at your concert in Yessentuki. Everything was just super! Especially the final song!
  • Maria for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • You're the best!
  • Anonymous for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • San. I am current watching TV and you alone Honestly, I do not znyayu that for the transfer of current Sorry I woke up well voobshchem those я-п¦я¦п©п¦п¦я¦ !
  • Anonymous for Tarbaev Sangadzhi
  • San. пTпTп¦п¦п+пT let's get acquainted? write baatar08@rambler.ru
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    Tarbaev Sangadzhi, photo, biography
    Tarbaev Sangadzhi, photo, biography Tarbaev Sangadzhi  KVN 'PFUR', photo, biography
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