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Kira Plastinina

( Fashion Designer Clothes)

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Biography Kira Plastinina
photo Kira Plastinina
Kira Plastinina - young designer, who managed for a short period of its activities (the first store appeared in Moscow in early 2007) has already gained popularity, and acquire a wide range of clients.

. Particularly striking that Kira is still very young and in school, but talent is talent: and in their fourteen she has already created a brilliant model, what will happen next?

. Fame and establishing a network Plastinina obliged to his father, Sergei Plastinina, a major shareholder holding "Wimm-Bill-Dann
. He does not spare funds for the development of family business. To establish a network of fashion stores has prompted his daughter's passion for drawing.

As a result, Sergei Plastinin in 2006 were collected managers to look into establishing a network. Today shops "Kira Plastinina" appeared not only in Moscow but also in the regions, and plans had been on the expansion - from 15 to 40 or more points.

According to same Kira, she is primarily a designer, and only then a businessman. Its more interest a creative activity, and all financial matters, she leaves her father.

Many may say that Plastinina - it's just father's daughter, which, in general, anything by itself does not represent. Looking closer, however, only the blind, did not notice that Kirin models are amazing, they feel a genuine talent of designer. However, it is not going to rest on our laurels, and plans to travel to London to study in the School of Design and Arts.

All collections mark "Kira Plastinina" - a stormy blend of different styles. Cyrus herself calls his style - art-glamour-sportlive-casual. Clothes Plastinina is designed for young, active and fashionable girls.

Kirin ideas formed the basis of all models of the marque, it affects the tone and mood of the collections. By his own admission, Kira creates youth clothes I would wear myself.

. Only after Plastinina will set the direction, a team of professionals - designers, tailors and designers began actively working on new models, with constant consultation with the chief designer - Kira
. Direct production sewing collections are on contract factories in China. And only after this collection comes ready to boutiques.

. The original dress, jeans, shirts and tops trimmed with sequins and prints, an unusual cut skirts and bright bombers - all this and more can be found on store shelves under the brand name "Kira Plastinina"
. In addition to the assortment we have shoes and accessories.

. Pricing policy marks "Kira Plastinina" can not but rejoice, on average, things from the young designer will cost you 30-50 dollars.

. Kira Plastinina - I BELIEVE IN LOVE
. March 27, 2008 in Fashion Week in Moscow in Gostiny court held a show of autumn-winter collection from LOVE Kira Plastinina.

. Display collections pret-a-porter Kira Plastinina
. Display visited many Russia's politicians, businessmen and show business, including the well-known secular lioness Paris Hilton.

. Kira Plastinina on First: the new fashion of "American Idol-7"
. Kira Plastinina accepted the invitation to become a designer of one of the most popular projects of the First Channel - "Star Factory-7".

. New autumn collection Kira Plastinina
. New autumn collection 2007 Kira Plastinina replete with stunning silhouettes, stunning detail and interesting accessories
. Inspired by the world around them, music and books, is the youngest designer in the fashion world (summer Kira was fifteen), this season represents an unusual way and types.

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Kira Plastinina, photo, biography
Kira Plastinina, photo, biography Kira Plastinina  Fashion Designer Clothes, photo, biography
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