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Sivaev Anastasia

( Young actress)

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Biography Sivaev Anastasia
photo Sivaev Anastasia
In the series' father's daughter "heroine Dasha - 16, she - Goth. Favorite color - black. Dramatic make-up and no tan. Did a pierced tongue! Poor student, often receive comments from teachers. Values its independence. Not like to engage in housework. At his father's observations are often not paying attention.

- Nastya, tell me about his childhood.

- I was born in Moscow on November 10. She lived in the metro Leninsky Prospekt, and recently moved. From childhood I remained a good friend, with whom we communicate now.

- And where are you studying?

- First I went to school 639, then moved to another - 198th. Now I study in Vihino. From work far away, but what to do? I also engaged in dancing, where I stayed up to 5 years. Then I was asked to go casting for modeling agency Slava Zaitsev. As a result, I got into the theater group's name. We sewed the costumes, we danced, put theatrical. It was great!

- How did you get on screen?

- Once I knew the director, who was familiar with our teacher, invited to participate in photo shoots. I agreed, and then off they'd go. They began to call, invite a different advertisement, serials: I do about it then and did not think I was just a girl. At first it was difficult:

- And what about developing your career?

- I got on now 'live music'. She worked with such famous actors as Vera Sotnikova, Alexei Guskov, Marat Basharov,: These actors have a lot of know how and they helped me, I added experience. Then hit the 'Yeralash'. Well, and continued shooting in various commercials, music videos. Ie. I have had some kind of sharp rise, all achieved gradually.

- What role has contributed to?

- That this (Daddy Daughter - approx.). It is very interesting to me. Interesting because this image does not match my real hobbies. I am completely different person. Because of this, first it was too heavy, it was difficult to adapt. I learned a lot about the hobbies of my heroine from various sources, who she was: I was fascinated. Now that I understand the culture of these people easier for me to enter the image. But to me this is still not affected, tk. I want to stay another.

- Who do you sign?

- I am a scorpion and he fully correspond. But not all believe in horoscopes. And on the eastern calendar - a goat.

- What do you do in your spare time?

- If it is, then a lot of what. I can listen to music. By the way, I like totally different directions. I can listen and rock, and pop, and hip-hop. The main thing - the music was good. I also read books. Recently read a work of 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. Love Alexandre Dumas. I can see a movie. And the lessons do not!

- And how to relate to sports?

- As a child, playing basketball. They shoved, jostled. I liked. For watch football, which team really sick - will not speak. Dancing doing.

- Traveling love?

- Yes. She also went to Russia: Peter, Nizhny Novgorod,: We went to the Czech Republic. Once with a friend went to Yalta. Maybe then, when the time will go somewhere abroad. And so, every summer, drove to the Ukraine to the grandmother.

. - Who in the future, planning to become?

. - Well, of course I would like to become an actress and I will make all efforts to this!

. - Describe yourself in five words.

. - Oh: Well, I am: cheerful, kind, trusting, responsive, sociable.

. - Your life motto:

. -: Always stay just the way you are!

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