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To predict the future of this girl, no coffee grounds, no patience is required - just listen to the extraordinarily sensitive, strong sexual hoarse voice of the singer. There is a common voice in the world, as washed crystal is lovely, like a bell at the front door - their beauty is hard not to appreciate. But when Bianca sings, I want to cry and kiss!

Fairy stories - this is not about her. All that is inherited, took herself. Thank God for the unique voice and charisma to the strength of character attached. Jan Lipnitskaya stage career began traditionally for the young citizen councils to participate in the circle of folk dancing and singing in a choir. After devoting 4 years 'plant' the art of 'Kalinka' and 'birch', priceless actress went to sing in a variety studio. Of the choir girl expelled for non-traditional vocal. What, perhaps, soon regretted as soon as Jan in record time, exceeded all norms on the number of prizes and awards. At 16, she received the Grand Prix International Competition for Young Performers 'Mallow', then - the Grand Prix of Young Pop Song and Dance 'White Rus', and at the international competition named Agin ranked third.

After such victories talent, of course, was more than demand. 4 years Bianca has worked soloist of the State Orchestra of Symphonic and Popular Music of the Republic of Belarus headed by Mikhail Finberg. Job work, and for the soul to go with an ambitious repertory of John's own writings on tour in Germany! Hard to believe that just as talented as a singer and courageous was then only 17!

. And then fate, as usual, provided the choice of a girl
. Ian was invited to present Belarus at the international Eurovision Song Contest. In the same hour of work with the project 'Sergei' proposed Mademoiselle Lipnitskaya his ideological inspirer Sergei Parkhomenko. Bianca preferred official organ of the protocol of the song festival head and the prospects of one of the most fashionable in the post-groups.

Within this framework Bianca sang a duet with Max Lawrence track 'Swan' from the soundtrack to Russia's blockbuster 'Shadowboxing'. Track soared to the top of the charts and was voiced romantic summer 2005! And the very same young singer song literally put on the wing. The success of 'Swan' marked the final demise of 'oligarch-pop', and Bianca decided to take the honorable thing rnb revolution!

. By making an amendment to the mentality, but without taking his admiring gaze of the golden divas Beyonz, Bianca wrote material for their debut album in the style of 'Russian Folk rn-b'
. In its interpretation of the fashionable 'black' music has become the breadth and sincerity (to dance - so all the yard till you drop, to love - strong, without looking back, with all my heart), so close Slavic soul. Tracks for the future of Long-play is written to one of the best studios of the former CIS countries with the help of sound engineer, previously worked with the famous 'Black Eyed Peas'. In the immediate plans for the singer-shot clip for a fun song 'Were Dancing'. Video Director Vladimir Yakimenko (Black Bumer, King Ring, Diskomaljarija, near the house of Thy) promises to show these dances, which have not yet seen the world!

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  • tea for Bianca
  • I think she is great singer, and i love her. you go Bianka................
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    Bianca, photo, biography
    Bianca, photo, biography Bianca  Singer, photo, biography
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