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Nikolai Romanovich Tsebrikov

( Son actual state councilor Roman Maksimovic)

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Biography Nikolai Romanovich Tsebrikov
photo Nikolai Romanovich Tsebrikov
Son of a valid state councilor Roman Maksimovic, his brothers, Constantine and Alexander.

Served in the Life Guards regiment Finland first bridle-cadet, then, 2 July 1818 he was promoted to the rank of ensign, and in 1825, Mr.. was already a lieutenant, belonged to a secret Northern Society. Involved in the case on December 14 Tsebrikov become like razskazyvaet H. I. Grech, quite by chance. He stood with a battalion of his regiment in the country, and, knowing nothing, came on this day in Petersburg, to walk and have fun at the holidays. Horse Guards passed by the arena and seeing the crowd of people, he jumped out of the sleigh, and asked what had happened. Suddenly sees that runs past the arena on the Senate Square of the Guards, in front of the officers with drawn swords. Tsebrikov knew many of them, as his brother, Alexander served in the crew. He shouted to them: 'Where you is the devil, Carbonari? " This was overheard by some quarterly, and reported that Tsebrikov shouted: 'In the square against the cavalry. "

. The accusation was so wrong and so absurd that Tsebrikov justify it before the Commission of Inquiry with indignation
. It was even the accusation that he took the flag and joined svoomu regiment, which the Senate Square was. The justification is, however, was considered for the obstinacy and audacity, he was counted among the XI-th digit (the easiest) and sentenced on July 10, 1826 the High Criminal Court for demotion to the ranks of seniority. However, . July 11, . when followed by the rest of the Decembrists commutation, . it under the inspiration for smt Dibicha, . been strengthened, . and, . 'for example of the importance of harmful, . submitted them to his presence in the crowd of rioters in the mind of his regiment, . as unworthy of the noble name, . been ordered to reduce to the soldiers without seniority, and with deprivation of the nobility '.,

. They had served before sentencing, in the fortress, he was sent on August 10 in Ust-Kamenogorsk fortress where he was soon transferred to Orenburg garrison
. Here he came under the command of Major ill, which stared at him as a simple soldier, causing the discharge order, along with other ordinary. Once Tsebrikov almost was carved by this major. From Orenburg Tsebrikov soon was transferred, at the request of relatives, the Caucasus, where he was in the midst of the Turkish campaign and participated in all cases. The new boss has been able to find in him a good, honest soul and brilliant bravery by awarding him with vzatii Akhaltsikhe, insignia, the Order of St. George.

In 1836, Mr.. he was still a private Kabardian chasseur regiment and in 1838 had already made in ensigns. In the same year he received forgiveness and resignation, and returned to St. Petersburg to live out his life. Feedback from friends and people who knew him, was a man Tsebrikov original, truthful, honest, passionate to the madness. It is very easy to yield a hoax, what gave rise to jokes on him his friends. Tsebrikov died in St. Petersburg in 1866.

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Nikolai Romanovich Tsebrikov, photo, biography
Nikolai Romanovich Tsebrikov, photo, biography Nikolai Romanovich Tsebrikov  Son actual state councilor Roman Maksimovic, photo, biography
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