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Jeffrey Katzenberg

( American film producer)

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Biography Jeffrey Katzenberg
photo Jeffrey Katzenberg
Paramount Pictures

. Within a short time Katzenberg tried to cast himself as the agent ( 'talent agent', . mediator, . offering services to film studios collaborating with actors), . but in 1975 became assistant to Barry Diller, . chairman (chairman) Paramount Pictures,
. Diller appointed Katzenberg in the marketing department, and then the television department, where before Katzenberg was tasked to revive the franchise 'Star Trek'. The series was better than 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' (1979). After some time, Katzenberg was president of production (President of Production) under the direct supervision of the Executive Director (COO), Michael Eisner.
. The Walt Disney Company

. In 1984, Eisner became CEO (CEO) The Walt Disney Company
. He brought with him to the company Katzenberg and instructed him to leadership of Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, including the test difficulties subdivision Walt Disney Feature Animation. When Katzenberg case the company went up the mountain - during his leadership created the most successful Disney movies: 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit "(1988), . 'Little Mermaid' (1989), . 'Beauty and the Beast' (1991, . the only animated film, . nominated for 'Oscar' as the 'Best Film'), . Aladdin (1992) and 'Lion King' (1994), . former until 2003, the most commercially successful film for family viewing,
. He also gave the course an extremely successful partnership Pixar and Disney, and the acquisition of Disney film company Miramax Films.

. When Deputy Eisner, Frank Wells, died in a helicopter crash in 1994, Eisner refused to appoint Katzenberg to the vacant post of president
. Katzenberg issued an ultimatum, threatening to leave the company, and was dismissed. Then he began a lawsuit against Disney to get a $ 280 million, which, in his statement, he owed the studio.
. DreamWorks SKG

. A year later, Katzenberg founded DreamWorks SKG, together with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen
. This investment Katzenberg, according to the magazine Forbes, earned $ 800 million profit by investing in it $ 30 million. He was also a producer of films released by The Prince of Egypt (1998) and King of Dreams (2000).

. Starting for the health, the studio soon began to experience difficulties - plans to establish a studio campus in Los Angeles were buried, when she had to sell his record label and units involved in video games
. The company has twice been close to bankruptcy. Studio losses suffered $ 125 million, which brought the movie 'Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas', as well as it had to incur losses due the fact that the DVD of the movie 'Shrek 2' was released unnecessarily large quantities. However, due to its animation studio unit managed to survive the crisis.

. In 2004, Dreamworks Animation (DWA) became a separate company headed by Katzenberg, and held a highly successful initial public offering.

. Film studio DreamWorks was sold to Viacom in December 2005, as well as a concern owned by Viacom and studio Paramount, Katzenberg was again in the same company with their former colleagues.

. In 2006, Katzenberg appeared in the fifth season of the show The Apprentice (Russia's version is called 'Doctor')
. Winners of the show had the opportunity to voice supporting characters in animated movie 'Over the Hedge'.

He has an honorary doctorate Ringling College of Art and Design (May 2, 2008).

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Jeffrey Katzenberg, photo, biography
Jeffrey Katzenberg, photo, biography Jeffrey Katzenberg  American film producer, photo, biography
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