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Anhalt Fedor Evstafievich

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Biography Anhalt Fedor Evstafievich
photo Anhalt Fedor Evstafievich
He served in the Prussian army, in 1752 aide-de-camp during the Battle of Loos was seriously wounded and taken prisoner by the Austrians. On his return from captivity once again entered the Prussian army. Over the differences in the Battle of Zorndorf [14 (25) .8.1758] awarded the highest Prussian military decoration - the Order of Merit. In 1763, promoted to colonel, was appointed commander of Vildauskogo Infantry. In 1776 he retired with the rank of Major-General. In 1778 joined the Saxon army in the rank of Lieutenant-General. During the War of Bavarian Succession 1778-1779 commanded the Saxon corps of the combined Prussian-Saxon army. In 1783 he was invited by Empress Catherine II to serve in Russia. In April 1784 adopted by the Russian service with the rank of lieutenant-general and appointed adjutant-general and chief of the Finnish Jaeger corps in the division, located in the northern provinces. 'Wanting to get to know the country', Anhalt in 1783-1786 made inspector's visit to Russia, studying the life of the country, focusing especially on issues of education, trade and industry. Upon his return to St. Petersburg (1786) presented a report to the Empress, for which he was awarded medals SW. Alexander Nevsky and CB. Andrew. From 1786 the inspector general of troops in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, Estonia and Finland. On 8/11/1786 Chief Gentry Infantry Corps. In one of his speeches, spoken in the issuance of the Cadets Corps, Anhalt said: 'revere the temple of your education. Let the first impulse and the first beginning of all your actions: honesty and good name '. Particular attention is paid to physical development of Anhalt cadets, t.ch. fencing, riding, dancing, etc.. On his own money Anhalt has significantly increased the library Corps, as well as improve the physical and natural classrooms. In 1787 at the request of Catherine II gave the Corps General Library Eggersa (about 7 thousand. volumes); gave her the use of residents of St. Petersburg. Garden Corps during the holidays was also open to visitors. Often Corps visited the Empress Catherine II; in one of these visits she called the Corps 'Razsadnika great ideas'. Ordered to paint the wall that surrounded the garden enclosures, images of historical figures, countries, animals, birds, emblems and symbols of peace, to put it instructive words of Russian and foreign languages. Collection of these inscriptions were published in 1790 in French (published in 1791, continued, in Russian - 'Art to learn, walk, or Manual for the Encyclopedia of education, made the Count Anhalt', 1822). Anhalt coined the Corps TN. sverhkomplektnye notebooks, in which the Cadets recorded their memories, a sample of other works. Over 7 years of managing the Corps it was taken 511 and released 230. Anhalt from 1788 was also president of the Free Economic Society, which gave a collection of samples Russian trees. After the death of Anhalt in the hall of the Society was set his marble bust. Only after the death of Count learned that all of their money he spent to help the needy. Buried at Anhalt infidels Volkov cemetery in St. Petersburg.

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Anhalt Fedor Evstafievich, photo, biography
Anhalt Fedor Evstafievich, photo, biography Anhalt Fedor Evstafievich  Count, photo, biography
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