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Galygin Vadim

( Resident Comedy Club)

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Biography Galygin Vadim
photo Galygin Vadim
Born May 8, 1976 in Borisov. He graduated from the school? 7 g. Borisova, and in 1993 entered the Minsk Higher Military Command School. In 1997 he graduated from the Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus, established at the two schools, and went off to serve in the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus as a lieutenant and a senior officer of the battery of the first self-propelled artillery battalion. Then he served in Minsk in the 120th Division, and later transferred to the Military Academy and from there transferred to the reserve with the rank of lieutenant. He served in the army for another year, during which he worked at the Minsk Radio Alfa Radio '- since its foundation. At the moment is the manager and owner of his own company 'PR-group Vadim Galygina'

. Future gunner Galygin already at 1-year student of the Minsk Higher Military Command School was in a local team of KVN (B-1993, a team of military schools 'Minpolitsha'), . which included 5 times participated in KVN festival "Slavic Bazaar" in the city of Ryazan, . repeatedly became laureates of the festival and took the Grand Prix and was lost for the country as an officer,
. Instead of firing and exercises began touring and festivals. Once on the business negotiations, he came straight from a morning of building in part - in the form of a tablet, shoulder strap and cap. Only standard-issue weapons are not hvatalo.Pozzhe team has undergone many changes, . during one season, it was called 'Treasure Island', . and then was called 'There have been worse', . and already in this team in 1998, Vadim became the champion of the Voronezh league of KVN,
. By the time of dismissal from the army, . team 'There have been worse' is already beginning to crumble, . and it was decided to combine it with a team of Brest Polytechnic University 'Human Resources', . project was named the team Minsk-Brest, . the first time a joint team appeared on stage at the festival in the city of KVN Sochi 2001,
. and in the same year became the champion of the Euroleague of KVN

. Galygina appreciated and called the team of KVN Belarusian gosuniversiteta.Buduchi long acquaintance with members of the KVN team BGU autumn of 2000 he was invited to play already in this team in 2001 season, . one of the leading actors, and which is today,
. For the first time in the BSU has appeared on stage in the final of the Tournament of Ten 'The outcome of the twentieth century'.

For three years he combined army and KVN. Then, already rising to the rank of lieutenant, put a cross on a career artillery officer, and moved to Moscow. It was then for Vadim and the era Comedy Club - comic variety show, called stand-up comedy. The genre exists in our country only three years, and in America is known from the 60-ies. The main thing in it - the ability of actor to instant improvisation. On a small patch of the scene, almost nose to nose with the audience, he joked over them and himself.

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Galygin Vadim, photo, biography
Galygin Vadim, photo, biography Galygin Vadim  Resident Comedy Club, photo, biography
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