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Dyuzheva Marina Mikhailovna

( Actress)

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Biography Dyuzheva Marina Mikhailovna
photo Dyuzheva Marina Mikhailovna
Born 09.09.1956, Moscow
After school, Marina came to the State Institute of Theatrical Arts. Lunacharskogo (GITIS) in a workshop in. Andreeva. Already on the first course, she started acting in movies, then still under the name Kukushkina. Among her first works - a children's adventure kinopovest 'secret city', a drama 'Count me adults' melodrama 'Re-marriage'.

In 1976 she graduated from Marina GITIS became an actress and theater-studio movie actor. At the same time the audience knew her as Dyuzhev

. All in all an actress of some fifty roles in film, . large and small - 'Citizens', . 'Tavern on Pyatnitskaya', . 'Mimino', . 'According to family reasons', . 'At the end of summer', . 'State Borders, . 'The girl and the Grand', . 'Shadow', . 'Moscow holidays' and many others,

. Directors were mercilessly exploited glamorous image of Marina
. And so it is often the heroine out a blueprint positive, the same. Realizing this, the actress suffered a great deal, because its potential was much higher. And that it successfully has proved many times. Worth it to get at least a little unconventional role Dyuzheva immediately transformed in the eyes of the audience. So in a lyrical comedy Mikhail Kozakov 'Pokrovsky Gates' she got a small episode, but how bright it was colored with an actress! Anyone who saw this picture, always remember her Anna Adamovna with the words' I am all so awkward ... All this is contradictory! " We Kazakova actress co-starred again in the philosophical fairy tale 'The Shadow, or may be, all right', superbly played a princess.

In the studio theater actor Marina Dyuzheva worked before 1997. At present it - actress Penza Drama Theater. Her first role here was to play Bertha 'Boeing-Boeing.

In addition to working in film and theater Marina Dyuzheva deals dubbed.


Male Marina Dyuzheva - Yuri Geiko is a journalist in 'Komsomolskaya Pravda'. They met at Yalta, on the filming of 'The abduction of the century' - Yuri worked there as a stunt, she starred in one of the main roles. He was 32, she - 25. When their 'southern' affair began, he learned that she was born in one day with his mother, and thought it a good sign. When it appeared that their fathers were born in one day, it was already a sign of Destiny. But the wedding and their parents also were held with a difference in one day!

When Marina gave birth to their first son, like his birthday and the birthday of my mother, Yuri, has become quite clear that they have met on this earth not by accident. But God continued his hints - the second son she bore in her husband's birthday!

Marina wrote wonderful poems. Unfortunately, Marina nowhere verses are not printed, and when her husband, Yuri Geiko gave some of her poems in magazines under a pseudonym, and all of them printed, then gave him a dressing down Marina. Marina M. adored sons and giving - it is a passionate gardener.

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Dyuzheva Marina Mikhailovna, photo, biography
Dyuzheva Marina Mikhailovna, photo, biography Dyuzheva Marina Mikhailovna  Actress, photo, biography
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