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Alvin Lee

( Singer, songwriter and guitarist)

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Biography Alvin Lee
Alvin Lee - English vocalist, songwriter and guitarist, whose unique style of performance entwined blues, jazz and rock 'n' roll - has immortalized his name by an explosive speech at Woodstock in the 'Ten Years After'. But until now legendary musician never ceases to amaze listeners the depth of his talent.

Graham 'Alvin' Lee was born on Dec. 19, 1944 in Nottingham, England. One of the brightest impressions of post-war childhood memories of a musician, was a collection of records of his parents - a great admirer of country music, blues and jazz. So the music he will join long before they realized what it was, and what role it will play in his life.

. When the younger Lee was 12 years old, his father asked him if he wants to find a good use and learn how to play any musical instrument
. Alvin, do not hesitate to choose the clarinet. But after a year of study changes it on the acoustic jazz guitar, and all the subsequent year taking lessons, where he met with the records of American bluesmen - John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and others.

. Once he was invited to the local composition 'Atomites', where Alvin met with bassist Leo Lines, which in future will be his colleague at the legendary 'Ten Years After'
. This was followed by a series of changes. 'Atomites', taking the vocalist Eyvana Jay, become 'Ivan Jay & The Jaymen'. Then - 'The Jaycats', after - 'The Jaybirds'. It was under the last 'sign' team wins back the so-called 'Saturday Night And Sunday Morning' - a series of concerts at a London theater, which lasts 6 weeks and allow for example 'Beatles' to go on tour in Hamburg. It was here that Alvin Lee and undertakes execution of all vocal parts.

On his return home group has been acting in his native Nottingham, and in the wake of this success goes to London. However, due to lack of money musicians returned back. It was only in 1966, settled once again move into the capital of foggy Albion, where they find work as a warming up of the pop group 'Ivy League', whose Road Manager - Chick Churchill - keyboards becoming 'The Jaybirds'.

. In November, signed a contract with manager Chris Wright
. In search of a new, . modern 'signs' nottingemtsy first act as a 'Blues Trip', . one concert in London club 'Marquee' with the 'Bonzo Dog Band' - as 'Blues Yard' and, . eventually, . stop the choice on 'Ten Years After' ( 'Ten Years Later'),

Brilliant performances in the club 'Marquee' (where the group has received a residence permit), as well as the jazz festival in Windsor have the desired result - a contract with the label 'Deram'. In October, on the shelves of shops around the self-titled debut album.

'Ten years later,' become a legend of the sixties. During the period of existence - until 1974 - the band released 12 full-length album, . became the first rock group, . invited to speak at the Newport Jazz Festival, . and also gave a concert at the well-known festival of music and the arts in Woodstock.,

. After the collapse of the command Alvin Lee began his solo career as part of projects such as 'Alvin Lee & Co.', 'The Alvin Lee Band' and 'Ten Years Later'
. Several times he collects 'Ten Years After' in the original composition.

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Alvin Lee, photo, biography
Alvin Lee, photo, biography Alvin Lee  Singer, songwriter and guitarist, photo, biography
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