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Shchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich

( Screenwriter, director, actor)

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Biography Shchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich
photo Shchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich
Vladimir Schegolkov was born July 2, 1972. In cinema, actors are always attracted young man, still at school, the boy began to try to write exciting stories, dreaming of someday turn them into memorable interesting movie.

. Receiving a certificate of secondary education, Vladimir Schegolkov went straight to enter the Acting Department VGIK
. Brilliantly he graduated in 1995, Vladimir Schegolkov was enrolled in the state actors "Mosfilm"

. Movies

. Over the shoulders of a young actor at that time was already a small role in an episode of the third film "Eastern frontier" in television series "The state border" and an interesting central role in the movie "Wild Love" a handsome young man from a prosperous family of Maxim, . which had to be done in love is no easy choice between sweet and enthusiastic American schoolgirl and painful, . unfairly love ward Soviet boarding school,

. Children dream of becoming himself the creator of films did not leave, . twisting the soul, and in 1998 Vladimir Schegolkov surrendered, . - He joined the faculty of directing his native VGIK, . the workshop Abdrashitova, . finishing that was no longer just an actor "Mosfilm", . but also one of its leading directors,


Creativity as a director Vladimir Schegolkova variety of subjects and genres. In 2001, together with Sergei Zinoviev, he skillfully made his debut in the role of a creator of film-comedy "Happy Birthday, . Lola!, . their own scenario, . inviting wonderful actor Vladimir Simonov Sergei Astakhov play the main characters and Bim Bom,
. Then it was written by another scenario in which another talented director Evgeny Lavrentiev created an interesting thriller "The Sting", not forgetting to invite the writer of the play a cameo role in it.

. Real directorial success Vladimir Schegolkova TV series "Moscow
. Central District, telling about the features of the national detective academy graduate MIA, Lieutenant Volodya Repeynikova, grandson of the legendary Colonel Repeynikova. Himself in his film Vladimir Schegolkov took a small role producer of sturgeon in one series. After the creation of "Viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions -1 "Vladimir Schegolkov built himself a creative lull, as if preparing for a great start. Silence passed quickly

. Film "One Love in a million", . where the director Vladimir Schegolkov decided to show, . that in that era was short vague 90 each could have happened almost all, . not surprising, . is quite normal for young people had to flee from the gangsters with a million counterfeit dollars in a sports bag,
. At the main role while Shchegol'kov dared to invite the young, unknown to a wide audience of actors: Lin Mirimskaya, Ruslana Couric, Elena Morozova, Dmitry Maryanov. I was not mistaken, everything was fine.

Then there was the creation of action comedy "Antidur", filmed with the support of the Federal Service for Drug Control in Moscow. At this time the director has approved the main roles of actors - darlings of the public: the handsome Dmitri Dyuzheva, incomparable Vladimir Turchinsky and fascinating Tatiana Dogileva. The success of the paintings made producers think about the second part, and do not plan to stop further. No less interesting and exciting was the work of a talented director and over the film "The Games. Local warming. "

Vladimir Schegolkov by nature an addictive personality. That and films he creates match for himself and tries to sow in them the eternal, the good:


1982 State border. Film 3: "Eastern frontier" - actor
1993 Wild Love - Actor
2001 Happy Birthday, Lola! - Actor, writer, director
2001 Sting - actor, writer
2003 Moscow. Central District - TV series, actor, director
2004 Viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions - director
2007 One Love in a million - director
2007 Antidur - director
2009 Sports day. Local warming - director

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  • Shchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • Shchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich
  • Shchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich

Photos of Shchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich
Shchegol'kov Vladimir VladimirovichShchegol'kov Vladimir VladimirovichShchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich

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Shchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich, photo, biography
Shchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich, photo, biography Shchegol'kov Vladimir Vladimirovich  Screenwriter, director, actor, photo, biography
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