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( alternative best team Sweden.)

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Biography Cardigans
photo Cardigans
Cardigans Group was formed in 1992 in Jonkoping, Sweden. In the composition of the team included Nina Persson (vocals), Peter Svensson (guitar), guitarist and keyboardist Lars Olof Johansson (guitar, keyboards), Magnus Sveningsson (bass) and Bengt Lagerberg (drums). In his hometown team has attracted a lot of attention, and later was seen as the best alternative team of Sweden.

. Fine intricate melodies led critics to link their debut album 'Emmerdale', released in 1994, with the acoustic traditions of British rock bands of the early 80's, as Young Marble Giants and Everything But The Girl
. It was hard to find parallels between past works of Svensson and Sveningsson before playing hard rock. While in 1995, during a concert tour with Blur, the group included in the program of his statement a cover version of 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath' from the repertoire of Black Sabbath.

. In the same year the group released a successful album 'Life', which was sold in a half million copies worldwide
. Further press support for BBC Radio 1 and day air on British television have done their job and ensure a high level of sales in Sweden, Britain and Japan, where the group still continues to be extremely popular. At the end of the tour in late 1995, musicians began to work on new disc. In 1996, the Cardigans released the album 'First Band On The Moon', where they abandoned the pop-rock and bet on the images of progressive rock and heavy guitar riffs. Summer of 1997 hit 'Lovefool', which became the soundtrack to the film 'Romeo and Juliet', has received tremendous success in the UK. In 1998 came fourth album 'Gran Turismo', includes such hits as 'My Favorite Game' and 'Erase / Rewind', clips of which are constantly on MTV. In early 2001, the Cardigans singer Nina Persson has participated in recording a new album 'It's A Wonderful Life' American indie band Sparklehorse.

. In the early 2000's The Cardigans members decided to take a short break and devote themselves to various creative activity outside of
. But first they are all together was involved in recording an album of Tom Jones 'Reload', making him, along with a cover version of a song on Talking Heads 'Burning Down the House', which was even released as a single. Nina Persson recorded a solo album titled 'A Camp', Peter Svensson worked on a project called Paus, and Magnus Sveningsson recorded solo under the name Righteous Boy. Again, the group gathered together only in 2003, for work on the album 'Long Gone Before Daylight'.

. On the new record group completely renounced electronic sound, which plays such an important role on the record 'Gran Turismo', but did not return to that cloudless retro-pop style, which were recorded albums prior to 'Gran Turismo'
. Instead, the band recorded the album of melancholic pop music with noticeable influences of country - roughly the same spirit as the solo album by Nina 'A Camp'. In his native Sweden, the album sold 120 thousand copies, and in other countries, it was adopted quite restrained - in the United States, for example, it was only released in 2004, with three bonus tracks. The next album 'Super Extra Gravity' was released in October 2005. It The Cardigans again changed the sound - still keeping a fairly organic instrumental sounds in the spirit of the previous plate, . They have become a little darker and more aggressive, . that was evident already on the first single 'I Need Some Fine Wine and You, . You Need to be Nicer '.,

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Cardigans, photo, biography
Cardigans, photo, biography Cardigans  alternative best team Sweden., photo, biography
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