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Josef Pinkas 2019-03-11 17:44:56
Dear Mr. Palcevskij 11.03.2019 I have taken the liberty to approach you with my opinion on the situation in Ukraine (furthermore UA) and the upcoming elections there. I am a citizen of the Czech Republic. I understand well Russian (maybe better than English), now I understand also Ukrainian, but I cannot write in Russian on computer, so I apologize to write you in English. I am 77 years, I have a technical university education. I worked for 25 years in the technical field and 20 years in the foreign trade. Since my youth, I am interested in aerospace, aviation, and also in military technology and politics. As a retired, I can watch every day on satellite TV and Internet CNN, BBC, RTR, Al-Jazeera, RT, Euronews, Skynews, CNBC, CGTN, Bloomberg, France 24, NHK World, DW and other sources. I also watch on Internet, You Tube and UA TV all interesting news in UA. I have heard virtually all of your interviews during the election campaign in UA. I admire you very much and you are for me the most charismatic, generally the most educated, and compassionate person I know. In January this year, I also wrote similar mail to Mr. Gordon ( he did not answer me), but later I found out that I cannot agree with his totally anti-Russian views, nor with his support for Mr. Smesko and his play on the "conscience" of the nation . There have been very bad events in the history of the USSR, but the ordinary people of Russia or Ukraine are not to be blamed for it. Stalin, Beria, Jagoda, Brezhnev, Bander groups were even not Russians. The Russians never hated the Ukrainians in such way like some Ukrainian groups of people hate the Russians. I know well, what UA was producing before the collapse of the USSR: Best Space rocket Zenit, UA had done a lot of work on the Energia rocket and Shuttle Buran.Yuzhnoje in Dnepropetrovsk produced the most powerful ICBM SS 36 Satan. Antonov company in Kiev produced the world's largest transport aircrafts AN 124, AN 225. In Odessa, 2 aircraft carriers and many ships of various kinds were built. UA built 6 nuclear blocks, Dneproges great dams on Dnepr river. Motor Sic in Zaporozi produced most helicopter and ship engines as well as aviation engines, including those for AN 124. City Kharkov produced turbines and compressor stations for the gas pipelines. I could to continue for a number of items. USSR investments in UA were enormous. On the other hand, most of the above mentioned products could not exist without the cooperation of the whole USSR, especially with Russia, without supplies of materials and components. The Zenit, Energia and SS 36 rockets had Russian engines, AN 124, 225 were designed and made by the whole country, eventually most of An124 were made in Russia ?Aviastar Ulyanovsk. UA could not itself build nuclear power plants. After Maidan, UA just had sold one not finished aircraft carrier and one not finished AN 225 to China. And that's all over, industrial production declined (by president candidates) by almost 70%. The United States has recently given 2 small decommissioned military vessels to UA, while in Odessa, there are 2 companies that could produce 10 such vessels per year, but at present time are without job. The Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian nations are Slavic nations built from one root - Kyevan Rus. In the history of the Czech state, we have a story about Prince Svatopluk, who wanted to hand over his government to his three sons. He gave one rod to each son and asked them to break it. Every three did it. Then he took similar rods and tied them together. No one was able to broke them. It was for them to realize, that they could survive only together The same is true with Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. These states do not have to live in a common state, but should live in friendship, mutual cooperation and never connect with anyone who intends to destroy one of them or to break their friendship. All the years after Maidan, UA government did exactly that, though it has led the UA to the immense decline and bloodshed. Now about Russian aggression against UA: After a violent, unlawful, anti-constitutional coup d'état at Maidan, its designers began to proclaim a nationalist, fascist and anti-Russian program, even with the intention of restricting the Russian language. When the eastern regions of Donbas, Kharkov, Odessa, Mariupol, with predominantly Russian-linguistic inhabitants began to protest, the oligarchs (especially Kolomojski) create private armed groups that carried out massacres of people and police in Mariupol, Kharkov and the famous "Katyn" in Odessa. At that time, Putin said he would never allow the massacres of Russian people in UA. After that Russian nationalist and monarchist Girkin came to Slavyansk from Crimea and began armed resistance against Maidan's regime. At that time, Russia did not interfered, nor did they supply weapons to them. Putin openly advised self proclaimed leaders DNR, LNR not to conduct a referendum on independence. Russia has not yet recognized these republics . Only after Turcinov ordered a criminal military attack against his own people of Donbas and Lugansk using tanks, aircrafts, rocket launchers, helicopters, even ballistic missiles (Tocka), the Russians came to help inhabitants against UA criminals. Thousands of citizens including children were killed, often from rocket launchers located in safe distance more then 10 kilometers of the city. The population of DNR, LNR are not terrorists. Alongside UA army, semi-fascist battalions like Azov and now celebrated Bander groups came to action. Leaders of UA do not want to hear the true that the Bander groups during WW2 slaughtered over 100 000 people, including the Volyn Czech. One candidate (I think Cervonenko) said that up to 80% of people slaughtered in Babi Yar where killed by Banders. The solution for Donbas and Lugansk is simple - under Minsk agreements- to execute real autonomy of areas (of course, also for others regions). After that it is possible to organize free elections under international supervision. After elections, the right of people to choice their own representatives must be secured. They must have also rights to elect their own law and security authorities. The problem will be resolved and Donbas and Lugansk could be return to UA. According to new surveys, 89% of Donbas citizens would like to get Russia's citizenship. It will be up to the UA government to decide, what freedoms and rights it can offer them. An economically strong, democratic, prosperous UA without oligarchs and corruption is the only way to persuade residents of DNR LNR, not by use weapons and isolation. In my opinion, the best way for UA would be to become a neutral state with a friendly relationship with all its neighbors, dealing with them and providing the transport routes and service between them. I think, upgrading of the UA economy is only possible in close economic co-operation with Russia. This does not mean to limit friendly economic cooperation with Europe and the world Now to the occupation of the Crimea by Russia: The US government, before separating Kosovo from Serbia, has asked (on 17 April 2009) the International Court of Justice (UN) for an opinion. This court, on the basis of paragraph 2, Article 1 of the UN Charter in its judgment of 22 July 2010 states: "No general ban exist on the unilateral declaration of independence from the practice of the United Nations. ... General international law does not contain any applicable instrument to prohibit the declaration of independence." Russian parliament on 21 May 1992 declared as illegal the transfer of the Crimea to Ukraine (by Khrushchev) in 1954 as it was only an administrative move within a state - the USSR. The first referendum in the Crimea took place after the formation of the CIS on January 20, 1991. 93% Crimeans voted for independent Crimean Republic in the CIS association, not in the frame of UA. UA did not recognize it. But Jelcyn, in an effort to consolidate his power in Russia and formally retain the SNS, donated the Crimea to UA, but under the condition that so-called "Basic Crimean Act" is incorporate into the 1992 UA Constitution . It gave the Crimea the status of a sovereign entity, with the power of self-determination. Only on this basis Russia signed the so-called Budapest Memorandum on December 5, 1994. From January 1994 to March 1995, the Crimea had the name of the Republic Crimea with its own constitution and president. But on 17 April 1995, government of UA abolished the Basic Crimean Act, changed UA constitution, abolished the Constitution of the Crimea, including its sovereignty. With these acts, UA lost legal entitlement to the Crimea, and UA itself canceled validity of Russia's obligations and signature on the Budapest Memorandum. In addition, Russia signed the Budapest Memorandum with the UA's legal government, which did not limit the rights of the Russian majority in the Crimea. The current government was formed by a violent, unconstitutional coup, and Russia has no obligations to it. The Crimea was stolen from Russia by Chruscov and Jelcyn against the will of its inhabitants, against the will of the people of Russia and was donated to Ukraine. Likewise, the Sudeten lands in CR were stolen by the Western Powers from the former Czechoslovakia and given to Hitler. What was stolen was returned ? Sudetenland to the Czechoslovakia, Crimea to Russia, on basis of a referendum in 2014. I think that UA will never get back Crimea, but it does not prevent the Ukrainians, in case of friendly relations with Russia, to freely travel to the Crimea ,trading, establishing businesses, banks, travel agencies at so on. Thanks to Russia, they will find more developed infrastructure and more opportunities, without necessity for UA to pay for its military presence and security. The joint administration of the Crimea is also not excluded There is one more important reason ? geostrategic: Since the collapse of the USSR, the largest military monster in world history - NATO has constantly approached the borders of Russia, despite all the earlier assurances. Today, US tanks are some 150 km from St. Petersburg. This military monster has 6 times more people, 14 times higher military expenditures, 3.5 times more soldiers, 12 times more economic and technical power, 11 x more aircraft carriers, 160 x more bases abroad, min. 300 x more anti-missile on BMD ships, 200 x more aircraft of 5th generation (stealth F22, F35), etc., I could go on. Only in nuclear power, there exist an approximate parity with the United States, but it does not include France and Britain, and it does not include the strategic advantage of the USA, having many bases and ships near Russia, from which rocket flight time does not allow real defense. Why such predominance is necessary? In order the US could launch a preventative attack in line with their ?Prompt Global Strike strategy?? I do not see another logical reason and how can the Russians see it otherwise? Never in the history, the foreign armed forces with such predominance had been near the borders of Russia. The Russians cannot forget the enormous suffering and losses during WW2. UA people should understand this The Russians remember how quickly, after the collapse of the USSR, large, predominantly US monopolies with the help of Yeltsyn and rapidly-growing Russian oligarch groups seized the Russian mineral resources and destroyed the Russian industry. At that time thousands of Russians were literally starving to death. That is why Russians will probably never allow UA to enter NATO . That is why I consider inappropriate such UA presidency candidates, who have in their programs and in their heads only experience in military intelligence, SBU, military posts and instructions received during their long-term stay in the United States (like Mr.Smesko) . First of all, UA people want real change. The candidate should have experience in managing the economy and be open to discussion and must be able to find the optimal way on the basis of a concession .The UA even not need to close the border with Russia, interrupt all contacts, including transport, interrupt human relations, promote hostility against Russia, but just the opposite: open borders so as the people can freely visit themselves across the borders, get in touch, freely to visit and to marry each other, as it used to be. Otherwise UA could destroy itself in its own iron nest. Now to UA entry into the EU: It is unbelievable how illusions the Ukrainians have about it. But I understand, we had the same illusions. When we carried a referendum on joining the EU, on June 2003 , 77% (41% eligible) voted for, including me. From the beginning, more precisely already since 1990, large western companies (especially the Germans) have bought all our important factories, mines, granite and kaolin quarries, electricity distribution, gas pipelines, even water distribution (the French). All banks and telecommunication are in foreign hands. We sold even well-known companies like Skoda Auto, Skoda Heavy Industry, Skoda Nuclear Power. We sold a well-known manufacturer of ammunition and small arms to a Brazilian owner. Textile, footwear, glass industry and production of machinery for it, road and agricultural machinery were almost destroyed, many other industries collapsed. Foreign companies need mainly a production of simple products like sheets and parts for automobiles, assembly of household appliances, workers for their mines and assembly lines. Due the all this, qualifications of our nation is falling. All this sale-out was executed at prices for which ?investors? would not buy land for factories in their countries, somewhere even not to buy fencing for it. The small retail stores (mainly with food), were replaced by huge western supermarkets. Ironically, only Vietnamese people living with us succeeded to keep a tiny fraction of market in small retail shops. Every year, about 11 mld USD (in English $11 billion) profits and dividends go from CR to foreign owners (The Czech Republic has only 10 mil inhabitants, so app. $1000 per capita.). These figures do not include the transfer of all profits abroad from low labor costs in the CR Before, we had advanced self-sufficient agriculture, where also young people had worked with a good life. We had a big food processing industry. Now agricultural lands were captured by large corporations with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of hectares. Only few small farmers remain. Many tens of thousands of fields and forests were given predominantly to the Catholic Church, even that Czech citizens are the most atheistic in Europe. There has been a drop in livestock production to 50%. On the fields, new owners cultivate only plants that do not need to engage much people, like oilseed rape and maize. In Education, there has been a drastic decline in the craft courses for craftsmen and drastic decline in university technical education. On construction sites, mostly Ukrainians are employed. We import potatoes and meet mainly from Poland. There are also such curious things: our farmers are selling fresh milk to Germany and, we import processed and packed milk and cheeses from Germany. It is not economy, many thinks are against common sense. All such events led to a drastic decline in the Czech agriculture and food processing industry. All of this also has led to a change in people's attitudes towards the EU and to the capitalism in general. Czech Republic became the most skeptical EU country. It has to be said that leaders of Poland and Hungary have acted much more responsibly, not destroying their agriculture, Poland did not let much foreign supermarkets enter the country, did not sell important businesses a factories to foreigners, and preserved small businesses on a large scale. So, should UA join the EU? Only the Ukrainian people have to decide that. In the positive case, you need to be careful about the negative things and take over the experiences from Poland and Hungary. Russia cannot and will not prevent it. Maintaining in parallel politic and military neutrality, friendly and broad economic relationship with Russia will be only in your interest. However, I am very worried that UA could become only a source of raw materials, wood, cheap labor for foreigners and also could sell out its fertile land to foreigners. Ordinary people will not be able to prevent such development. It could be organized by so called ?elites?, comprising from careerist, corrupt politics and Oligarchs. It could be executed with the huge propaganda of beautiful visions and promises. In such case, you could expect only a new revolution and new bloodshed in the future. I firmly believe and whish that UA will avoid such path and will start a happy journey to the peaceful future. Dear Mr. Palcevskij, not only the UA population is divided. The same it is in my country, in France, England, US and elsewhere. The task of politicians, journalists and all engaged people is not to divide people, but to connect them, try to listen them, understand other opinions and promote a peaceful solution to the problems. Only in a competition of different ideas the right path can emerge, not by military means. I'm writing for you to know that in another Slavic nation, you have also friends that are worrying about the situation in your country and hold their thumbs for Ukrainian people. I wish you a great deal of success in your immense effort to help UA people to find the right way and decision. I strongly believe, this year will be successful for you and the whole Ukraine people. Best Regards Josef Pinkas
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