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Dave write for Stephen Chase 2020-08-17 21:24:56
WG - Come in Rangoon.
Diane & Noel Cipriano write for Lev Kofman 2020-05-30 04:19:46
Oh Lev, what a surprise to find you here. We would love to reconnect. What wonderful memories we have of our Long BeC MS Sister City connections. Please let us know how we ca. Reach you. So many great memories. . .sending hugs . . .Diane
Beatriz Rottman write for Reinhardt Heydrich 2020-04-22 07:46:53
All the articles concerning his biography are drafted in very poor English. It's a real shame. About the film, I think that it portrays quite truly the fear, cowardice of some, and the bravery and patriotism of others. Besides it lets people, who are unaware of what it was like to live in those days, to learn about history and true events. As an Argentine Jew, I feel fully committed to my roots and and as most jews, we also had in our family our losses.
Iva write for Chris Norman 2020-04-16 23:32:27
Z celého srdce přeji celé rodině hodně zdraví, ještě mnoho let stejně úspěšných koncertů jako doposud. Jsi skvělý a tvůj hlas nemá konkurenci. Pokračuj prosím, jsi nejlepší!!! Díky za vše
Jenny Piggott write for Chris Norman 2020-04-09 20:44:19
Chris Norman You are the most amazing singer I absolutly love you voice You have had a very blessed life and how wonderful you and Linda met each other And then to go on to have 5 children SO sorry to hear the tragic death of your son so cruely taken from you at such an early age VERY SAD I hope you keep on with your great music and making many people happy
Emilio Paccioretti write for Sitaryan Stepan Aramaisovich 2020-04-02 13:21:00
In 1991 i met mr Sitaryan in Moscow and i worked whit Armin Sitaryan daughter, in Moscow and in Milan. How is it possibile to contact Sitaryan family to day. In particolary Armin Sitaryan who know very well italian langage ? Best regards Emilio Paccioretti
Irena write for Tatiana Ustinova 2020-03-14 02:16:53
Tatyana Ustinova is a wonderful writer! Was this interview translated from Russian?
Helen write for ALLEMANOV Dmitry Vasilyevich 2020-02-20 12:44:46
My message above I wrote in Russian was scrambled. I wrote that Dimitri Allemanov was a direct ancestor of mine andcould any direct relatives who find my message please contact me! Respectfully yours! Helen.
Helen write for ALLEMANOV Dmitry Vasilyevich 2020-02-20 12:39:17
- , ! - . ? - ! ? - : [email protected] ! ! .
Dallas E Brasher write for LISA BELL Katerina 2020-02-08 02:23:06
I've been a fan of yours since I seen you in JAG. One day I might get the opportunity to meet you in person I hope that this finds you in good health and in good spirits and I wish you well for your career from now until eternity God bless you you are truly an angel
Susan Banks write for BOGDANOV Nikita 2020-02-07 08:12:09
Dear Professor I am the daughter of Max Banks whom you visited in Tasmania. I am in Moscow. Is it possible to meet? I speak some Russian. I leave on Tuesday 11th. I send you very best wishes from my mother, Doris, who remembers you with fondness. Yours sincerely Susan
write for Gogen Solntsev 2020-02-04 22:38:03

oleg write for Julia Nachalova 2020-01-29 10:26:45
She was a great singer and very nice person
Lika write for Pushkin Natalia-Lanskaya, n?e Goncharova 2020-01-13 15:23:29
I've seen many BAD translations from Russian to English, but this one "is the worsest": "with soul in it not chayavshy.. raskomandirovan - if the reader don't speak russian fluently, he or she would never guess that the granddad loved Natasha very much(loved her most of all - Her, not "it" the girl is not a cat, or another pet or thing!) Raskomandirovan - the regiment was accomodated. "Its ..brown eyes" - HER brown eyes, of cause! "Pushkin was a happy family life" - not "WAS" but "had", my dears! Very interesting text, which is interpreted very badly.
write for Maria Sittel 2019-11-28 14:13:02
Poka ne nashol ne odnogo russkogo saita, w kotori`j mozhno chtoto napisat`, poetomu pishu Wam. Ja wzhera lezhal w swojej komnate i skazal, chto wostochnaja Germanija dolzhna jesho w etom desjatiletije otdelit`sja. I kogda Odin ujobok sprosil, chto budet, jeslji Wostochnaja Germanija ne otdelitsja w etom desiteletie, ja skaza: Togda wi` uwidite, chto budet w sledushem desitjatiletije.

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