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Named versions of the Airbus A320 crash

Experts believe that the main version of the fall of the passenger liner can be a technical failure. However adepts company Lufthansa, which has a low-cost airline Germanwings, convinced that a prerequisite of the crash was an accident.

Rescue teams that are actually immediately went to the scene of the disaster airliner Airbus A320, stopped their own work after dark. However, the authorities who oversee the search of the bodies of the passengers, convinced that the whole event will be resumed with the first rays of the sun. In addition, professionals who are engaged in the search for the causes of the disaster and the decryption flight recorders were already noticed your own version conventionally disaster.

President of the Spanish virtual air control Santiago Blanco announced the assumption that the cause of the crash could be a technical failure. The expert explained that prescribe appropriate conditions and mild reduction of the liner.

"This is only speculation. I would not dare to single out any assessment. But judging from the little information which I have and which we can learn, was a decrease from 38 thousand feet to 6 thousand.. It was the height at which the signal disappeared from the radar. The fall lasted about 10 minutes, ie, 30 thousand feet in 10 min.. It's not a sudden drop", - quotes the President of the Spanish virtual air control Russia Today.

The rapid decline of the liner, according to his statement, does not mean that could happen something that was vosprepyatstvovat pilots to make an emergency landing. Especially, if to consider, that has not yet confirmed the information that is sent if the pilots a distress signal. "I was also extremely surprised that during these 10 minutes were not sent such a signal," said Blanco. Because it implies that an immediate technical failure can be the main version of the crash.

Together with this, the expert stressed that the Airbus A320 is one of the most reliable aircraft. "Ought to take into account the period of its operation, but to doubt the technical data properties of the model. They are designed to reduce all possible risks, and it is difficult to understand why there are such catastrophes, because these aircraft can operate for 20 or 25 years, and to stay as true," said Santiago Blanco.

"Directly I believe that versions that can be set. Many people wish to know is actually whether the aircraft budget airlines often broken. Directly I don't think so. You can easily ascertain that the aircraft Germanwings and other cost-conscious airlines fly every day, and this rate of these firms in the highest degree low. We are familiar with cases of aircraft crash such popular carriers, such as, for example, Air France. So I don't think economical airlines differ in the frequency of accidents. Everyone should know that in aviation are taken tough action security, and from all aircraft, without exception, are required to meet these requirements," said Blanco.

Besides its own version of a relatively tragedy announced and Lufthansa, which has a low-cost carrier Germanwings. The carrier argues that the tragedy of the passenger liner happened as a consequence of the accident.

"Now we believe the accident occurred. While there is virtually no information that we could tell. Some more statements about this would be speculation," quoted haika of Birlenbach, Vice President, sales and services Europe Reuters. Recall that the investigation of the disaster is immediately some countries. March 24, 5 Ministers from France, Germany, Spain, the helicopter circled the place where fell Airbus A320. After flying over the crash site, the head of the foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier announced that it is seen scenes of horror.

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Named versions of the Airbus A320 crash -  Знаменитости Named versions of the Airbus A320 crash шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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