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Russian weightlifters badly at TH: only one gold

MOSCOW, 18 APR - R-Sport, Oleg Bogatov. Athletes male And female Russian national teams are unable to fully justify the expectations of fans And experts, winning only one gold medal And five silver And one bronze at the European championship in weightlifting, which ended on the first day of the weekend in Tbilisi.

The European winner was Tatiana Kashirina (weight category over 75 kg), silver medalists - Sergey Petrov (69), Victor Goetz (77), Khetag Khugaev (84), Hope Likhachev (63) And Ian Kondrashov (69) And the bronze award was Chingiz Mogushkov ( 105). In the competition participated 263 athletes from 38 countries.

Russian weightlifters in the medal plan did more than a big step back compared with the previous European championship, held in tel Aviv. In the past year in Israel weight-lifters won 12 medals, including six gold, five silver And one bronze. And if the second-third places in the index are identical, on line wins the deterioration of the results of the large - minus five gold medals.

maybe a year earlier was set too high standard, but this can hardly justify not very successful performances of the teams. After all, before the competition the chief coaches of the national teams Alexander Venkov (men) Types And Alexander (women) said that, in practice, every athlete is able to compete for Medals. And the results of the tournament - won 7 awards at the fifteen participants. More precisely, on 14 - Hope Lomov, Vice-European champion last year in the weight category up to 63 kg, was seriously injured in the first exercise, the snatch, And was removed from the tournament.

the head of Federation of weightlifting of Russia (RWF) Sergey Syrtsov at the beginning of the tournament said "R-Sport" that the conquest of three or four gold medals will be considered a good result. Like getting the three strongest teams in Europe in the team competition for men And women. And in the end, the results worsened And women, who won one gold And two silver medals (in 2014 - 3 gold, 3 silver) men, who have had 3 silver And a single bronze (last year - 3 gold, two silver, one bronze).

The head of the Federation raw at the beginning of the race, it was specified that in practice all the team leaders miss the European championship because the main objective of the year is a successful performance at the November world Championships in the USA And winning a full set of Olympic licenses (six men, four women). For this reason, most top Athletes are prepared on an individual plan, And a ready light For the world championship will serve as the national championship, who at the end of July will open in Kaspiisk.

in Georgia for the Russian Federation were most promising athletes who perform Successfully in January on the Cup. For example, at last year's European championship was attended only 3 lifter from the number who arrived in Tbilisi citizens of Russia: Kashirina (gold in 2014), Lomova (silver) And Gennady Muratov (fifth in the weight more than 105 kg).

The repeated world champion And Europe Kashirina again proved their superiority. The messenger of the Metropolitan region And St. Petersburg 42 pounds on the sum of the 2 exercises ahead of nearest rival. And there is no doubt that the team leader will claim the gold at the world Championships in Houston.

Successfully performed in Georgia And Authorized the new generation of talented athletes. A gifted 20-year-old Goetz showed the same results in the snatch And the clean and jerk with titled Armenian Tigran Martirosyan, but lost to rival gold only because of the larger personal weight. And 17-year Chagaev was close To success, but in the end was defeated more experienced winner four kilograms. Honorable spoke 20-year-old Petrov, also won the title of Vice-champion of Europe. More could count Mogushkov, but two final attempt in the clean and jerk was unsuccessful, And in the end he got behind the winner gold 3 pounds.

The lag Likhacheva And Kondrashova from the first place were respectively fifteen And 20 kg. the coaches had high hopes for the two-time European champion Alexei Utkina (85), but in the snatch, he received a zero rating, having been eliminated from the fight for awards. Pavel Sukhanov (62), Muratov (105) And Natalia Grishina (58) took fourth place, Catherine Twoline (75) fifth, Elena Rusk (53) - seventh, And Oleg Musakhanov (56) - eighth.

Tbilisi dais showed that currently in the EU in the team plan has no clear leader, neither in men nor in women. Medals were distributed fairly smooth " layer ", And the podium was up 16 Authorized countries. In the weightlifting competition awards were won by athletes from eleven teams, And athletes from 13.

women medal count won Ukrainka (two gold, one silver), ahead of the Russians And Turkish women (1, 1, 1). In a dispute the men had led the national team of Moldova (one gold, two silver), And the top three teams entered Armenia (1, 1, 1) And Turkey (1, 1, 0).

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Russian weightlifters badly at TH: only one gold
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