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The monument to the Martyrs of Odessa is set in Northern Italy

Sergey Startsev. The monument to the Martyrs of Odessa is set on the first day weekend in the homonymous square of the small city of ceriano brothers Laghetto (Ceriano Laghetto), located in the North-Italian province of Monza.

The decision to assign the name of the square in front of the city post office has been taken by the authorities of the ceriano brothers Laghetto, there are approximately six thousand people in January. In the decision of the municipality indicated that it would be immortalized the memory of the Jews murdered during the Nazi occupation of Odessa in October 1941, and victims of the terrible fire at the trade unions building on may 2, 2014.

Now on the square of the Martyrs of Odessa is a special commemorative badge designed by the journalist and playwright Nikolay Lilina. It is on the background of the symbolic flames depicts a white dove and the inscription " in memory of the martyrs of Odessa ". The monument was transferred to the authorities of the ceriano brothers Laghetto as a gift from the Centre to strengthen cultural ties between the peoples of the " Eighth Continent ".

The opening ceremony of the monument, which in addition to local residents attended the Russian guests, began with the reading of excerpts from the many letters of thanks that came in recent months in the municipality of ceriano brothers Laghetto from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Australia and other countries.

However, the desire to perpetuate the memory of the victims of the tragic events in Odessa, in the name of the square of a small Italian town not everyone had to taste. Thus, Ukraine's Ambassador to Italy Yevhen Perelygin formally requested the Italian authorities with an appeal to cancel the Decision of the municipality of ceriano brothers Laghetto. Appeal of the Ukrainian policy quickly take effect, and the prefect of Monza, which is the official representative of Rome, sent a proper indication of the municipality of ceriano brothers Laghetto.

Despite this, the Mayor of the city Dante Cattaneo (Dante Cattaneo) essentially did not want to reconsider the Decision and said that the name of the Square of the Martyrs of Odessa will not disappear with city maps despite the requirements of the commissioners of Kiev.

"We tried to stop in all ways, and among them using the Embassy and of the Prefecture, but it was in vain. We did not retreat, because they know: when I do good, there is nothing to fear. Truth and justice in the end stronger. That's why the little ceriano brothers Laghetto earned the gratitude of the international community, anyway, that the public, who did not want to look away to the side and dared to pull off the veil of hypocrisy and fear with what happened in Odessa, " said Cattaneo by phone Last news .

"Our position remains unchanged. We wish to preserve the memory of the horrors that occurred and, unfortunately, continue to occur today in the European Union. We can't forget, and among them the most inconvenient facts, even if that is not very desirable. For this reason, today, 2 may, exactly a year after the tragic events in Odessa We open this Monument ", - noted the Mayor of ceriano brothers Laghetto.

Dozens of active participants of Antimaidan lost his life on may 2 during a fire in the House of trade unions, which May have been burned by the extremists banned in the Russian radical "Right sector" and their supporters. According to the summary data, lost his life 48, 214 damaged. However, on unreliable data, 48 people are reported missing. The people's choice Odessa regional Council Vadim Savenko said that the Kyiv authorities conceal the true information about the dead Antimaidan activists in the trade unions House: he lost his life 116 people. As before stated, another 48 people are reported missing.

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The monument to the Martyrs of Odessa is set in Northern Italy
 -  Знаменитости The monument to the Martyrs of Odessa is set in Northern Italy
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