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Singer Jasmine answered all the charges

A famous singer Jasmine commented on all the speculation that had formed around her name after the arrest of a spouse. She responded to the accusations of greed, embezzlement of funds on expensive bags and pay round sums of the famous artist, like to sing a duet with her.

After 28-year-old husband of actress Jasmine Ilan Shor was taken into custody in Moldova, where he was accused of embezzling billion of Banca de Economii, the performer literally poured a bucket of rumors and myths.

Jasmine was accused that she paid other stars to sing a duet with them that supposedly does not forcibly drove the inhabitants of our planet from the street to their own performances, lowered frantic cash on bags and jewelry. In addition, at exactly the time her father barely made the ends meet and went to the collapsing auto.

As a result, the artist decided to answer all the charges. "I went on holiday with children - Michael and Rita - the may holidays. Suddenly this morning all begin to literally pick off the phone with Ilan?" I felt embarrassed, surprised. Perfectly that I had my loved ones - they supported me, comforted... Known that my husband and I live on 2 power, are seen not daily. Ilan, as a real representative of the stronger sex, don't let me in on their own business cases and especially in the difficulty. He solves them without the help of others. And here's the bombshell - arrested. However, I immediately recognized that we, thank God, on house arrest. And that's a significant difference. I am convinced that this situation is a planned action, in order to discredit his name," own story Jasmine.

According to the version of the singer, almost in the same day 1 from news websites gave some material about her and her family. "All of this news can not withstand virtually any criticism. And in this difficult situation I am very grateful to my friends, which, I know, telephoned reporters, but none of them gave explanations! Because they're my friends," said the actress.

Further, as expressed Jasmine, gave explanations of some producer Lavrov. "I understand that it was his honored "finest hour"! I never have this person didn't communicate, we don't know! He, apparently, from the biography took the facts of my life and gave their secret knowledge. Declares, as if Ilan was spending 10 million dollars to Alla Borisovna Pugacheva sang a duet with me and directed my show at the Kremlin Palace. It is complete nonsense! I actually managed to work with Alla Borisovna. Only it was in 2003. Almost 10 years before I met Ilan!" - quoted by Jasmine Starhit.

Commented on artist and scandalous information about losing ticket sales and collection of the inhabitants of our planet from the street to her performances. "We always, I will emphasize, almost always give 10% of tickets for every concert orphanages and many other charities. I never hid. And he declares that we do not from the street by force the inhabitants of our planet driven into the halls. Riddle me this," he spread his hands Jasmine.

About bags the actress said that for a long time already collects them. Her collection, according to Jasmine, for 15 years, and his Hobbies she never hid. She said: "And before meeting with Ilan I had the bag "Birkin". Russian musician can earn you a bag! Especially that they are not such exorbitant funds".

In conclusion, Jasmine raised the subject of his father. "I think the flow of the myths conventionally, me and my family already goes all conceivable limits. I will not say that it is outrageous to consider cash in your pocket, hang tags without trial too. And, of course, the final chord was a win-win situation is impossible to prove my greed. They say I'm on all the bags down, and my father goes to some sort of wreck. My dad is famous and respected in Derbent. He long ago can afford to drive what he wants, and to live as he deems necessary. But still will calm those who worry much! He has another machine. He is happy and in no need. What I'm experiencing all wish!" - said the singer.

Source: Singer Jasmine answered all the charges

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