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French Senator: without Russia it is impossible to solve the security issues

In France believe that the Russian Federation plays an important role in the battle with crime And security issues international security without Russia it is impossible to address all issues in the Syrian Arab Republic, nor on Iran, said the Deputy head of the Council on foreign relations, defense And arms of the Senate of France emery De Montesquieu at the meeting with the leadership of the Federation Council on Thursday.

"In France We are confident that the Russian Federation plays an important role in the battle against crime And addressing these issues ", - said the Senator. According to his statement, should begin to build relationships again on those platforms where there have been developments." the majority of the French believe that without Russia to resolve the issues nor the Syrian Arab Republic, nor on Iran is impossible, " He stressed.

Montesquieu said that the key issue is the questions of international security. In his vision, there's countries are exposed to a certain hazard, And in the coming months we need to restore the balance in this area. French Senator recalled that last year He visited the Russian Federation in the framework of the events dedicated to the First world war." And then I said that General De Gaulle never only did not let the third party squeezed in relations between Russia And France, " said He.

Speaking about the current state of Affairs, Montesquieu said that no one can be satisfied with the deterioration of relations between Russia And France, are currently in a situation where all are losers. According to his statement, When the Executive authorities do not have the opportunity to come to a common opinion among themselves, the deputies are trying to rectify the situation." When the family the couple had a fight And diverge in different bedrooms, you have to discover the possibilities that they were back in the same bedroom, " cited the example of French politics. In his vision, the couple of countries there is no reason not to agree with each other, such a situation would be absurd. It would be too limited to think that someone is guilty one, "as in a married couple - both guilty," says the MP.

He also said that today has improved the number of exchanges between our countries, but worsens the image of one state to another." We have so much in common, In France I remember on the decisive role of the red army to liberate the world from fascism in the war of 1945, " said the Senator.

with a private party, Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Galina Karelova said that relations between Russia And France are currently undergoing a test of strength. She stressed that in the first half of 2014 the share of France In Russia's foreign trade turnover has decreased from 3 to 2, 3%, and bilateral trade of countries in the past year, compared with 2013 decreased by 17, 6%. At the same time, said Karelova, the French partner continued interest in business projects in Russia.

Karelova believes that both sides, despite the difference in the perception of the events in Ukraine, would like to see bilateral relations remained friendly." We believe it is impermissible to jeopardize what we got to save our countries in mutual work, " She said.

According to Karelova, you cannot afford a setback in the Russian-French cooperation - both in politics And in the economy." We have plans to continue cooperation in these areas is rather actively ", - said Vice-speaker of the Federation Council.

It also nourishes the hope that the visit this year to the Russian Federation the head of the National Assembly of France Claude Bartolone to participate in the great Russian-French intergovernmental Commission will be another impetus for interaction between States.

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French Senator: without Russia it is impossible to solve the security issues
 -  Знаменитости French Senator: without Russia it is impossible to solve the security issues
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