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Bezrukov responded to rumors of divorce

The alarming reports in the media about the separation of Sergei and Irina Bezrukova there was an immediate reaction from the actress. Wordsmiths believe that by posting a photo together with beloved spouse, the star made it clear to all the spiteful critics that the news about the divorce - another heresy.

Since the couple's own personal life is not explained, and any interference savvy paparazzi in the case of the family being punished by the Tribunal, the reporters have to include imagination and many precedents to conjecture or to be on duty day and night at the entrance of the acting couple to get the exclusive.

So, at the end of last year, the paparazzi managed to shoot out of the bushes, as Bezrukov plays with the illegitimate son in Moscow dacha own parents - Vitaliy Sergeevich and Natalia Mikhailovna. And just like onto the correspondents, an actor has two children, whom he gave birth to a mistress, the actress from St. Petersburg Kristina Smirnova.

After protracted litigation, the Ministers of the pen for some time left in peace by Sergey and Irina. But short-term. When a few months ago, Bezrukova killed a son from his first marriage Andrew Livanov, reporters began to besiege it again, being on duty at the entrance. The couple then made an official statement in which he addressed the reporters. "Death is grief, but not an excuse for news. The incident is a personal tragedy for the family Bezrukova. We ask the media and others to refrain from any collection and information dissemination according to the circumstances," read the statement.

However, reporters not only did not loosen its grip, even infiltrating writing on video the farewell ceremony for the deceased, but also continued to look for fried precedents of the mating pair. As a result, in the news appeared restless news about the divorce of Sergei and Irina Bezrukova.

About the separation pairs of the first people to tell staff publications Super, citing informants from the inner circle of the artist. According to friends of the star, Sergey and Irina no longer live together and decided to go different ways after 15 successful years of marriage.

How to recognize the secular navorski, the premise of the disorder was infidelity Bezrukov. As adulterer's called the 31-year-old Kristina Smirnova, the mother of illegitimate children of artist - four-six-year-old Ivan and Sasha. According to some media reports, the actor constantly attend them, but to this day is not officially recognized.

When reporters got in touch with Irina, she, as usual, refused to talk about his personal life. "You call from the program "Draw"? I'm not in any way explain!" - drop correspondents actress.

However Bezrukova, it seems, still responded to annoying for her rumors by posting a photo with her husband in Instagram. It spouses are pressed against each other and look happy. Some media claim that this view Irina at once has not confirmed all the outrageous and unverified news about the divorce, making it clear that she and her spouse just as before together.

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