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Domogarov told about fallen into a coma favorite

Popular artist for the first time honestly stated about the status of your own favorite of the fairer sex, which, even in a coma, fighting bravely for her life. The actor confessed that he knew about the deadly diagnosis of a young woman.

Famous actor Alexander Domogarov was a guest of the absurdly famous program "live". It turns out that the actor knew that his beloved lady Larisa Chernikova fight with cancer.

"This diagnosis was extremely long ago, long before we met. I knew it was so. Except no one knew when this will come the rush hour. It's horrible to live and to understand that he would come. She really is a fighter. She's a fighter even at this moment, in this state. This Oncology. Such harsh Oncology. She lived with this huge number of years, all the years that we knew each other. And from time to time through rehabilitation courses in various hospitals," said Domogarov.

Chernikova tried to live life to the fullest. Domogarov remembered how together they went on vacation to Switzerland. Together with a couple of vacation flew the whole family of Larissa - her mother and sister with her husband. "It was quite beautiful. It was absolutely clean. I'm all for repeating it. Absolutely pure. We that somehow existed in a month. We went to the mountains for a large family. Here's a holiday I presented it", - said the artist.

Currently, Larissa is located in the Central clinical hospital of Vienna, her condition is serious but stable. "I can't qualify the understanding of coma, -Alexander confessed. - What it is, when man was just here at Easter he was, he stood vigil in the temple, came home and collapsed? And more inhabitant of our planet no. That's what happens with him? Hears it, feels it, understands it, does he? He was your family man".

That favorite famous artist went into a coma, the media learned from his own sister Chernikova, who wrote a post in one of the social networks. "I want to tell you the story of my beloved and only sister. I extremely love and look forward - she will return to us. She was and is and remains an extremely attractive girl, special. Her beauty combined with intelligence and kindness. She's got a pretty good heart, she has helped many people in trouble. I have been making large sum of cash has been extremely successful in business, and this girl couldn't like notable artist Alexander Domogarov! They were pretty cute relationship until the point where she went into a coma. Sasha never turned away from her and as well, as could, supported. Maybe at the moment he just dropped his hands. And we understand it. I hold and believe only through perseverance mother, who does not give up and fights together with medical workers for the life of Larisa," wrote Cyrus Chernikova.

She stated that 7 years ago a young successful lady was diagnosed with lymphoma. From that moment started the trouble, and Larissa recently experienced a coronary heart attack and lapsed into a coma.

Source: Domogarov told about fallen into a coma favorite

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