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Medina and Sobyanin launched the festival " Intermuseum-2015 "

Solemn opening ceremony of the festival " Intermuseum-2015 ", the Theme of which is " the development of the Museum - territory Development ", held in Moscow "Manezh" on Thursday with the assistance of the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky And the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

"every year our Festival is becoming more. For the second year We spend it together With the government of the Russian capital in this wonderful place ( "Arena" ), the best venue in our capital. And We have seen How the Festival has evolved from a small semi-private meeting, where it was common not only to get acquainted With the Museum's collections, but also to encounter the fair-market unclear why, in a wonderful, professional review of Museum technologies, exchange of experience, presentation of the most interesting projects ", - said at the opening ceremony on Thursday, the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

He added that this year the festival presents a variety of museums of different countries, among them Russia And Ukraine. Medinsky expressed gratitude to the government of the Russian capital, which is the second year that supports the festival, which gives the opportunity to bring it to a good new level.

for its part, the head of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin said that the "Intermuseum" is a big And important cultural event For the capital of Russia, because the Russian capital is the Museum city in the world. He added that in recent years, the number of visitors of museums has grown by half because of the selfless work of thousands of Museum workers.

"We never planned any discoveries to this wonderful event, one way or another, just not so long ago near here opened after a major restoration of the Museum of archaeology of the Russian capital, yesterday opened the Museum of the Park of culture And leisure. Gorky, tomorrow is opening a new Museum of modern art " Garage ", - said the Mayor of the capital.

He also said that this year will open the doors of the Museum of estates of Ilya Glazunov. In addition, the government of the capital of Russia together With the Ministry of culture has implemented a series of Museum projects.

"Are reconstructed And are created fresh For building of the Pushkin Museum to them. Pushkin, the state Tretyakov gallery, the Polytechnic Museum. Opened fresh exposure ENEA - about a dozen museums in the near future there will be a Museum of cinema, the Museum of ROSIZO ", - said Sobyanin. He also said that this year will open their doors updated Museums Yesenin And Mayakovsky.

Museums have increasingly become centers of social life, become the centers of cultural life of Russia, And This is very important And very good, because just concentrated in museums past, present, And future. This is our common holiday. All the country's leadership respects the Museum community And shows respect matters. With the holiday, With our Museum festival " Intermuseum "!" - said at the opening the head of ICOM Russia, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on culture Vladimir Tolstoy.

Also the master of ceremonies read out the greeting of the head of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin: "I Welcome the participants, organizers And guests of the festival. The preservation And strengthening of international contacts, direct contacts And exchange of experience of commissioners of the Museum of the brotherhood promote outreach And educational projects, achievements in scientific research. Your forum is proof of that. I wish you good luck and all the best ".

As they say the organizers, this year "Intermuseum" unite 232 of the Museum. For the first time in the history of the "Intermuseum" they will be grouped in thematic blocks-blocks: literary, historical, musical theater And technical-scientific. The theme of this year "Intermuseum" sounds Like " the Museum's Development - the development of the territory ".

One of the events during the festival will be a "Museum guide" is a professional platform For exchange of experience And ideas in the field of innovation in the Museum world. This year, " Museum guide ", organized by the Potanin charity Foundation, will be held for the fifth time And will focus on " the Museum And the local community ".

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation will present a fresh virtual projects: portal " Culture. The Russian Federation " And the virtual platform of the Museum of new Western art And the Museum of architecture named Shchusev.

For Museum professionals during the festival at six sites separated by at least 100 events - lectures, workshops And round tables devoted to various aspects of Museum work.

This year, expand cultural And children's programs of the festival. For children And adolescents (from 2 to fifteen years) museums have prepared a special interactive programs.

in the competition program of the festival provided the winners in 4 categories: Best architectural project or a project to adapt the building for the Museum, Best educational project, the Best project to work With the regional community, the Best project of the Museum's cooperation With the tourist sector, as well as the Grand Prix With the Nobel prize of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation And the award to the memory of Kibalchicha - best Museum Manager.

The prize is established by the Russian Committee of international Council of museums (ICOM Russia) in the category "Best project for work With the regional community And the Union of museums of Russia in the nomination" Museum in G. N.. ". Their prizes are a number of museums will celebrate the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, which will Also award a grant in the nomination " the Best volunteer project of the Museum ".

The festival "Intermuseum-2015" will last until June fifteen.

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Medina and Sobyanin launched the festival ` Intermuseum-2015 `
 -  Знаменитости Medina and Sobyanin launched the festival ` Intermuseum-2015 `
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