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Divorce and the collapse of the family life of stars "Houses-2"

In the press appeared sad news about the scandalous couple of "House-2" Liberi Kadono and Eugene Rudnev. Their marriage has cracked and ended in divorce six months later after the wedding.

Liberg and Eugene were divorced on 16 June 2015. Their marriage lasted 6 months. It is worth noting that the Seattle Seahawks for more than a week starring in "the House-2" in the Seychelles, where he managed to fight with Kristina Deryabina, to which he left a wife (now ex).

"The marriage is over!!! I now officially razwedenaja! - shared joy in Instagram Kadono. - P. S All of this sincere love!!" As evidence of the star of the reality show posted a photo page of the passport with the stamps on the conclusion and dissolution of marriage.

Subscribers Liberi came in the same jubilation as she is. She hopes believes that she will get to build your own love with a new representative who will treat her with respect, not going to change and fight. Fans heartily wished Kadono to find a decent spouse.

For comparison, the former spouse Liberi Evgeniya Rudneva support group is much smaller. In the Network at windy crowds of enemies. Even because of his vulgar behavior with the now ex-wife. And when Deryabina smashed him in the face, commentators have come into an extraordinary delight, unanimously came to the opinion that he has rightfully earned the beatings inflicted on him. Some openly say that we would have to add for improper behavior.

Remember, Liberg and Eugene up to his betrayal, even during the marriage, they lived like cat and dog. They fought all the time, the incidents began long before the marriage. For some reason steam decided that the wedding fanfare will save them from endless skirmishes. The first could not stand Rudnev and a month and a half after going to the Registrar's office has hinted that he wants a divorce. Approximately at the same time Kadono publicly repented that he had agreed to walk down the aisle with this hapless womanizer.

As already mentioned Days.<url>, the star of "House-2" for the most important day in their lives - weddings - took a fancy to graceful date and time - 12.12 at 12:20. The ceremony took place in the Gagarin registry office of Moscow, gathered only close friends and relatives of the newlyweds. Everything was the classic scenario: the bride in a magnificent white dress, groom in shining suit. Interestingly, the couple perfectly without witnesses. The paintings were only parents Liberi Kadono, mother and younger sister Evgeniya Rudneva and a few buddies. Other guests should join the festive day later.

Liberi Kadono, like every bride, visibly worried, and when he heard Mendelssohn's March, just a little choked up and cried a little. Cried and her mother - of course, happiness. In the registry office happy newlyweds presented 1st gift - monitor for the PC. After the ceremony the newly-married couples went for a walk on Sparrow hills, and then to a reception at the cafe in city apartments "House-2". Kadono and Rudnev had hoped to get married in early may 2014 and join the celebration of 10 anniversary of the TV project "Dom-2", but postponed the event. Pair parted and met again, but eventually decided to be together.

Source: Divorce and the collapse of the family life of stars "Houses-2"

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Divorce and the collapse of the family life of stars `Houses-2` -  Знаменитости Divorce and the collapse of the family life of stars `Houses-2` шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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