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Shepelev and Frisco had time to exchange rings

Dmitry Shepelev, who flew to Moscow from Bulgaria for the funeral of Jeanne Friske, gave a candid interview. The presenter stated that they are favorite for a couple of months ago managed to exchange rings.

Dmitry did your mom own son, and she told him Yes, because he calls her his wife. "We discussed it. I made her a proposal," he approved the website of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" that appears on the web information about the engagement. In addition Shepelev said, why not start communicating with the advent of mass media, and reported on subsequent projects, specifically on the Fund for the fight against cancer.

"For these 2 years I have collected sufficient information, which would like to share. I know what a terrifying situation, difficult situation of confusion and terror are the people who are facing similar diagnoses throughout Russia. And I would be extremely wanted data to support the inhabitants of our planet. And give them the information, on a quest which took me months. The Fund is still in a stage of their own development. And can't you say yet something more. Undoubtedly, I need it to work effectively. But about this we will talk later. I'm of the opinion that, certainly, the memory of my favorite person is the strongest motivation. And the main motivation is, of course, her lust for life. Because I guess it's good cause I will be on his shoulders", is configured with a confident presenter.

Besides the lover of Joan explained why at the time of the tragedy he was not beside her. "About what I am going to take the baby to the sea, was known in the last month. We had tickets, were issued visas. During this time, we knew that could happen anything. But none of the healers neither in Russia nor in Germany nor in America, from those with whom I consulted, could not say when trouble can occur - shrugs Dmitry. - It was clear that Jeanne is in critical condition, but no one could predict. It could last for days, weeks, months. And, of course, no one has built any plans. All in the family... I will allow myself to say, on behalf of the whole family. We agree in the main: the child should not suffer. And, if possible, the baby should be this summer. In consequence of this we knew in advance that the 14-th day, Sunday, he will fly away to rest."

By coincidence Shepelev, not a departure from his wife during the long months of her illness, was away from her in the most horrible day. "You must understand, I spent with Jeanne 2 of those years, without departing -- And followed her wherever she was. Since I knew that my loved one needs support. And the fact that it happened on this, I'll tell you no differently as a monstrous coincidence of events, that is what it is. Of course, if I had a choice, I would like to be in these minutes together with her. The fact that it happened during the day after our departure with the child - otherwise it's not a coincidence. If you look from another angle, I do not worry son, and extremely happy that all these tragic events pass it by. I don't think it's right for him to be out with all this", Dmitry.

According to the showman, in the days of the improvements Jeanne, contrary to reports in the media, did not seek re on stage. "You know, we always priority was our son. This is undoubtedly the main thing that happened in my and her life. In consequence, most importantly, what we've talked about, the most important thing for us is how we will raise our baby. She dreamed specifically about it. And said specifically about it. I think it's much stronger, much more happiness than going on stage, " he confessed Shepelev. - Although, undoubtedly, concerts made her happy, because she was born to do this".

Remember, earlier Dmitry, while still in Bulgaria, gave an interview with SUPER, in which specifically told about the engagement with Friske. "On her last birthday and I've been thinking how to make her gift," recalls Shepelev. - We many times spoke with her about the wedding, but we immediately agreed that it was beautiful. We wanted to have an elegant dress, she had a beautiful wedding hairstyle. The main thing for us to spend the day as we had imagined. So we decided to do it a little later. It would be great to pick up our friends, the closest people on the planet. And go somewhere far away so the two of us to spend this holiday. We expected when it works out. We talked many times about it. In her last birthday I made her an offer, and we exchanged rings. And Jeanne said to me Yes!".

Source: Shepelev and Frisco had time to exchange rings

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