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Shepelev escaped from Rodney Friske

Dmitry Shepelev ran away from the Russian capital to the resort. Civil spouse of the legendary actress Zhanna Friske, who passed away after a long illness, returned to her son in Bulgaria.

In connection with the tragic death of Jeanne Friske under the attention of the press were all her family. However, most went to her common-law husband, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. By a tragic coincidence of events, it was not next to the artist in the moment of her death: together with his son Plato, he flew to Bulgaria. In addition to return to Moscow TV presenter managed only the night before the funeral, missing the memorial service for beloved.

And now, as it turned out Shepelev again left the capital and returned to the Bulgarian resort currently resting his two year old son Platon with parents TV host. That a civilian had left the city, said the famous music producer Evgeny Fridlyand. He told the social network about the meeting with Dmitry Shepelev and post your own location he indicated the metropolis Ravda, located near Burgas.

"At the moment at the reception met Dima Shepeleva. It was rather good! Expressed his condolences and said that I extremely don't like that they put, like, a sympathetic media, relatives and buddies! States that just absolutely terrified, to include online and Russian TV! Fled from it without looking back! And Plato, son, this superb - chubby hero.... And it's with him for the handle. Not let go..." - shared Finland with the public on Facebook.

There is a suspicion that the civilian spouse of artist not just hurried to leave the capital. According to some, he was just in a hurry to son, but also wanted to get away from the family of Jeanne Friske, with which he has been doing. For example, Shepeleva repeatedly accused that he escaped from a dying spouse, and even while the TV presenter was not in Moscow was discussed that he was saving cash for the treatment of a dying wife in General used her name.

So, for example, explaining to the press, the death of the daughter the father Friske not told the details of the departure of the son-in-law in another state. To the question, what went Dmitry Shepelev, father Jany Friske said, "It's him, it's not me!" With all this, father Friske openly declared that does not know yet whether to maintain a relationship with the beloved dead daughter.

Together with this, neighbors who watched the Friske family life, told that the Union Jeanne with Dmitry parents actress took difficult. Formed the opinion that Jeanne is very much working, Dmitri same as if earns less and uses the popularity Friske. According to neighbors, Technische wanted to dissuade her daughter from a quick solution to connect with life with Dima, caused a lot of arguments against. In addition there is information that in the country house, Dmitry Shepelev also was a frequent guest.

Remember that the well-known actress died 15 June. The day before the departure from life of Jeanne Friske Dmitry Shepelev went to rest with his son in Bulgaria. On parting with Jeanne in "Crocus city hall" it was not. He arrived only at the funeral, explaining his absence at the funeral service because he was not one to leave her son.

After arrival in Moscow, he could have minimized his own appearance in public. With all of this, not responding to the attacks in his side, Dmitry Shepelev behaved nobly. He did not consider it necessary to explain what is happening at the moment in his soul, but his own behavior is presented an example of real manhood, the maximum correctness and concern for loved ones. After the funeral, Zhanna Friske on 18 June, which took place at St. Nicholas Archangel cemetery, Dmitry Shepelev was never seen in public and did not give media interviews.

Source: Shepelev escaped from Rodney Friske

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