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Oleg Belov repeated the murder of his wife and children

The father was the murderer Oleg Belov confessed that killed wife and children. At the recent investigative experiment he demonstrated how the dismembered body.

In housing Stationery on the street Verhnepecherskaya in Nizhny Novgorod hosted an investigative experiment. From the hospital prison under escort delivered 52-year-old Oleg Belov, a suspect in the murder of 8 people: a pregnant wife, 6 children and my mother.

Accompanied by fighters of special forces Belova got to the entrance, the entrance to which still lie baby toys and flowers. They are commoners here, according to "Komsomolskaya Pravda-Bottom Novogorod".

"Took him to their living space on the second floor, where he is to Come with the children have settled - dark like this was going, laid-back, - told the neighbors. For them the bags made - apparently the remains of his victims. He spent together with investigators for more than an hour. No one else was. Valentina Nikolaevna, mother of Julia, which miraculously remained in good health, our home is also already 2 weeks no one saw".

Investigative experiment - or rather, the actual playing of the murder at the crime scene was set after Belov confessed to the crime. "In the clinic of the detention facility during interrogation he "split" - said actually killed wife and children with an axe and a knife," said the law enforcement agencies.

To the best knowledge of the investigation, the axe in housing has always been. A couple of years ago Belov hit him with the butt wife in the head during a quarrel, but then Julia in were. In the living area to Verhnepecherskaya Belov reported extensively, as did the murder and showed how it was done. For this to the scene and brought the evidence.

After everything was completed, Belov changed her bloody clothes and went to the Mall. Bought several large plastic bags for waste disposal, returned to the living space and the following 2 days methodically butchered body with an axe and knife. Later put the remains in plastic bags, carefully put them in a corner and went into the Carpet for his mother.

It should be noted, previously Belov denied that has to do with the deaths of loved ones. At the hospital, he was convinced that he remembered nothing and asked him to go home. He stated that he would be there waiting children.

In the foreseeable future Oleg Belov will bring in the Carpet. There will be investigations in the house of his own mother. According to the investigation, after the murder of his wife and children representative of the stronger sex went to her. The dismembered body of a pensioner was found buried in her garden.

As we were informed Days.<url>, 4 August it became known that in Nizhegorodsky district of Nizhny Novgorod in one of the apartments were found dismembered remains of children and the female body. As argued neighbours, on the eve of the terrible discoveries they saw the father of the family, who disappeared in an unknown direction. 52-year-old representative of the stronger sex is considered a native of the town of Gorokhovets, Vladimir region. It was later learned that the main suspect is considered specifically the father Oleg Belov. He belonged to a religious organization "Community of the Church of Christians of seventh day Adventists".

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Oleg Belov repeated the murder of his wife and children -  Знаменитости Oleg Belov repeated the murder of his wife and children шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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