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Azerbaijan may stop for a little while participation in the program " Eastern partnership "

To freeze the activities of the Azerbaijani delegation in the organization " Euronest ", uniting people's deputies of the European Parliament and of the countries of the EU Eastern partnership (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) have initiative on the first day of the week the head of the country's delegation to PACE Samad Seyidov at an extraordinary session of Parliament, reports journalist OPINION in Tbilisi.
Session of the Azerbaijani Parliament convened to discuss the decision of the European Parliament on 10 September. This resolution is unprecedented hard on the situation with human rights in Azerbaijan. The first time it raised the issue of imposing sanctions against judges and politicians relating to harassment of Residents for political reasons.
Seyidov said that " it is necessary to uncover corruption in the ranks of the European Parliament ". For example, He subjected the prosecution of the deputies of the Commonwealth "Free Europe" in the " cooperation with the separatists of Nagorno-Karabakh "." Today the Azerbaijani leadership without the Minsk group of the OSCE and the European Parliament is able to liberate the occupied territories. That's what they care about, " said Seyidov. Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament oktay Asadov was subjected to personal criticism of the head of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, accusing him of cooperating with the " corrupt lobbyists "." We are required to make a final decision about the participation of Azerbaijan in international organizations. I believe that We are obliged to apply to the Cabinet for reconsideration of our participation in the program "Eastern partnership" of the European Union, " said oktay Asadov. He believes that the European Parliament, in adopting the " prejudiced decisions regarding Azerbaijan violates the rules of conduct ". According to the speaker, the adoption of such resolutions aimed at isolating Azerbaijan from Europe and has the purpose to force Azerbaijan to adopt certain rules in the Karabakh issue. As reported by the print edition OPINION, the Azerbaijani foreign Ministry on the last working day of the week said about the cancellation of next week's visit of the delegation of the European Commission for initial discussions on the preparation of a Treaty on strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and the European Union. The initiator of the abolition of Azerbaijan has become a party dissatisfied with a critical European Parliament resolution of 10 September, told the newspaper VIEW sources in Baku. Azerbaijan's foreign Ministry did not rule out " review of relations with the European Union, where strong anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Islamic tendencies ". On the last working day of the week the head of the EU delegation to Azerbaijan, Ambassador Malena Mard was summoned to the foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan. Zam. Minister of foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Mahmud Mammadguliyev has outlined a negative reaction from Baku on the issue of the decision of the European Parliament, calling it " biased and destructive." According to Mamedkuliev, the resolution " strikes the relations between Azerbaijan and the EU, and also creates serious obstacles to the further prospects of cooperation ". All complaints in Baku called unreasonable. Recall that in July, the head of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has expressed doubts about the need for their country's integration into European structures." Spiritual and economic crisis is already a reality in the European Union, which makes us think, and We have to wonder how Azerbaijan is obliged to integrate into European structures. Generally required to integrate or not? I already own persona for a while I think about it, and I Believe that in the coming months, it is necessary to prepare a fresh mechanism, the format and concept of cooperation ", ? He said.

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Azerbaijan may stop for a little while participation in the program ` Eastern partnership `
 -  Знаменитости Azerbaijan may stop for a little while participation in the program ` Eastern partnership `
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