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The daughter of the Deputy married husband Makim

Reporters learned that the civil husband of the famous actress Makim had an affair with the daughter of a Deputy, when the singer was six months pregnant. The pair bonded private relations by marriage in the spring, and recently wedding will take place.

September 26 will be held the gala event - the former civil husband of the artist Makim Anton Petrov will celebrate wedding with 21-year-old daughter domestic wealthy man and the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Alexander Bryksin Elizabeth.

Entrepreneur and student of the faculty of arts of the Moscow state University met in the spring of 2014. By the time Anton for several months, met with Makem - they are often seen in movies and popular Moscow restaurants. "Six months, I didn't say it back. At first I didn't like it. I don't know why... At the moment I'm totally happy. The age difference of 12 years between us doesn't feel, and parents like our Union" - quoted by Elizabeth Starhit.

Bryksin constantly wanted her husband was a bit older. "My boys certainly know what they want, he knows how to appreciate. Especially when a woman so much younger, feelings and attitudes are much warmer and more touching. From peers and no aspirations in life!" - she announced.

In early 2015 Anton Petrov met with the parents of the young lady. They were warmly welcomed by a charming guy, giving consent to their Union. Note that Lisa's father Alexander Bryksin engaged not only in political activities. He is a master of sports in freestyle wrestling and Vice-President of the Russian Federation of rhythmic gymnastics. Lisa, by the way, spent many years in the sport, but special heights are not reached.

The state of alexanderц-s, consistent with the Declaration on incomes for the year of 2014, published on the website of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, is estimated at 127 million rubles. Also, he owns a land area of 6200 square meters, houses and 262 557 "square", apartments in Spain and several cars. In addition to Lisa in the family policy grow 3 more children. And this spring, spouses Alexander and Svetlana Braccini magnificently celebrated the 25th anniversary of living together. With their anniversary was congratulated from the stage Aleksey Chumakov, Grigory Leps and other stars.

At the same time, the state Petrova many times greater than the capital-in-law. For 2014, according to the newspaper "Business Petersburg", it was estimated at 6 billion. Anton made a fortune in early 2000's in the construction business, network fitness clubs and jewelry factory. He is the co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the construction company "Baltic monolith", which builds luxury homes in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi, and has a network of fitness clubs and FitFashion jewelry shopping "Golden" and "585".

To live together Anton and Elizabeth began after the official registration of marriage in one of the registry offices of Moscow, and the wedding feast decided to make in the fall. In the spring, the bride was not until the organization of the event - the woman was preparing to take the state exams and defend the thesis at MSU. In early may, the couple celebrated the anniversary of Paxinou in Arab Emirates where he had arrived on a private plane Petrov. They have a large number of joint Hobbies: Lisa and Anton are doing sports, I love Pets.

Amid this idyllic picture of the situation of the artist Makim difficult to imagine. "Lisa, of course, knew about the existence of competition about what his woman is expecting a baby. But Anton was convinced that his love went to the Marina. In early October, he took her daughter from the hospital. He travels frequently to visit. They, as far as I know, have managed to preserve friendly relations... Lisa it fully supports the intention to educate the child and declares that not at all jealous," he told reporters girlfriend Lisa Camille Lavrov.

It should be noted that the Network Bryksin does not name own beloved if he is against publicity. After the wedding, which is scheduled for 26 September, she plans to take her husband's surname.

Source: The daughter of the Deputy married husband Makim

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