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Family Friske chasing maniac

Seven fashion of the singer Zhanna Friske is literally haunted by misfortune. This time for its members chasing a strange representative of the stronger sex, who offers to preserve the body of the actress.

Obscure representative of the stronger sex are waiting for relatives Janna Friske on the Nikolo-Archangel cemetery. A few weeks ago he approached Natalia Friske and gave me a message. Because sister of the actress tries to refuse the fans requests, she took the envelope. However, the young woman even could not imagine, how shocking the content of the letter. The representative of the stronger sex told me that his name is Vladimir Ruza, and persistently pleaded before it is too late, to preserve the body of Joan and rebury.

"He looks 60 years. It fits me almost everytime, when he sees in the cemetery. Bear Frank nonsense. It is likely, he's just not all in the head. While he's quiet, but who knows what will happen next, what can you expect from such a person", - quotes Natalia Friske Starп?it.

At the same time, this suspicious representative of the stronger sex was very stubborn and turned to the fans with such a call. So, recently he sent a message to Christine rose, author of the book-biography of Joan where it is written: "We have been in conversation regarding the reburial of Joan by the method of cryopreservation of the body. 3 weeks ago I handed in the cemetery through Natasha message to Vladimir Borisovich, but no actions from their side or not. Time is running out. This is the only and last chance to finally not to lose Jeanne.

I fully absorbed this idea, but need a solution to her family". In addition to strange men, manic configured to freeze the body of Joan, of the family of the actress has plenty of other difficulties. Previously 1 of the inhabitants of the capital have stated that in the Arbat area, where Dmitry Shepelev, he witnessed the resounding scandal. According to an eyewitness, Vladimir Friske voices raised I had it out with TV presenter, shouting threats and insults. According to some, the premise of the incident was the son of Shepelev and Friske - two-year-old Plato. Vladimir came to Dmitry with the intent to remove the child, but probably the initiative of the former father-in-law the TV presenter did not appreciate.

Friske allowed himself repeated abusive insults, and direct threats against Dmitry. "I'll kill you! Does not reduce to sin, otherwise, I swear, I'll kill you!" - yelled Vladimir Friske. Witnesses family drama emphasize that in the process of contention father of Joan repeatedly wanted to slap Shepeleva, his barely restrained the driver of TV presenter.

Natalia Friske stood up for his father stressing that the incident in which he got provoked specifically by the presenter. She told: "Shepelev purposely brought my dad. He deliberately brought him out of himself, then recorded on tape and gave it to the correspondents. It was created so that he could make this record, and could appeal to the fact that the Pope deranged, and that he cannot communicate with Plato when we turn to the Tribunal. We are not allowed to see his son Joan, even though we raised him from birth. Dima's parents claim it's their baby." Natalia said they are now looking for a lawyer, in which case to defend their interests in court.

Source: Family Friske chasing maniac

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Janna Friske
Janna Friske
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Family Friske chasing maniac -  Знаменитости Family Friske chasing maniac шоу бизнес последние эротические фотографии  эротика лучшие
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