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Ukrainian photographer won't sue the author of the exhibition about the Maidan

Ukrainian photographer Efrem Lukatsky said that reacted calmly to the award of his photo exhibition of the author of "citizens of the Maidan," Sergei Melnikov, which was forbidden in Riga, But sue him until not going to.

"Life is imperfect, and the offenders always were and will be. So I took it calmly, " said Lukatsky in interview to the Latvian radio station. He said that his photos often steal, But no one ever appropriated the authorship." My photos quite often stealing, But at least the name does not change. Sometimes, take a picture, and put the name and used for their needs. But this, to steal a photo and replace the name, in my practice, " said the photographer.

According to Lukachko, He himself with the sign of the Melnikov was not, But in professional circles, it got the reputation of a swindler." Circle of photographers is quite narrow, we all know one another. When I said about this case in social networks, My friends from different countries, for example, Uzbekistan, Russia, began to talk about something that I face with this man that He's a famous scammer, " said the photographer. Lukatsky added that until not going to go to court.

the exhibition started on October 7 and, According to its organizers, was to last until 25 October. A few days later she managed to get scandalous. Before the Internet appeared the video, which masked man turns two posters and rips the flag is banned in Russia as extremist organization " Right sector ", then shreds it with a knife. The organizers of the exposition considered the harm caused to 25-30 thousand euros. Law enforcement agencies initiated proceedings in accordance with paragraph " hooliganism ". For damage to the exhibits of the two young men were caught.

The eighth of October there was a new conflict: one of the visitors intentionally damaged a piece, it turned out to hold. In the night of Sunday, law enforcement authorities received a call from a witness who reported that two men are ruining the Exposure. The staff arrived within two minutes, But the suspects had already fled. Law enforcement Ministers concluded that destroyed all the exhibits of the exposition. About the incident informed the organizers of the exhibition and opened a criminal case under the criminal code.

before the Creator of the exhibition - living in the USA an ethnic Ukrainian Sergey Melnikov said that the vast majority of Russian-speaking Latvian should be deported to Siberia. In the Republic, with a population of 2 million people, is home to about 40% of the population. After these statements of the Riga city Council appealed to law enforcement agencies security with a request to evaluate the data phrase. In the night of Sunday the exposition was completely destroyed, But in the evening resumed his work. Press Secretary of the Latvian foreign Ministry said that the foreign Ministry supports the idea of the Maidan But finds it unacceptable About the deportation of Russian-speaking residents of the country.

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Ukrainian photographer won`t sue the author of the exhibition about the Maidan
 -  Знаменитости Ukrainian photographer won`t sue the author of the exhibition about the Maidan
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