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Chaliapin and Kalashnikov intend to perform the wedding ceremony

Absurdly famous performer of folk songs Prokhor Shalyapin and his wife, model Anna Kalashnikova, intend to perform the wedding ceremony. When the artist declared it the mother of Anna, she cried.

Deciding to bind themselves in Holy matrimony, Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikova first asked the consent of her parents. "That evening I called the mother of Anya, wanting to hear the blessing. She cried: "Children! I am so glad!" My mother responded calmly, "I knew you will make the right choice. Take Care Of Anya". Both I would find and give to the holiday bracelets with engraving - 1st letter of our names. Let them leave with a memory for life," announced the artist.

Prokhor Chaliapin serious approach to the preparations for the upcoming ceremony. "In the face of Anuta I eventually found our own destiny. If we decided to be together until the end of life, our Union needs to be strengthened not only in the registry office, but also before God. While we have not yet decided on the temple, where going to get married. The Ordinance will invite only the most expensive members of the family and close friends. I will have a few costumes to sew to order. For weddings, festive and bright, and for the Church - simple", - said the actor.

For Kalashnikova was a complete surprise proposal Prokhor, but she agreed without hesitation. Now the pair need to be confessed and go through the ritual of communion. "We thought that after you do this step, the next will be the christening of your son Daniel. We plan to sign before the Christmas holidays, and the wedding was scheduled for Christmas - after post, which will end on 6 January. While I choose and wedding wedding outfits. Because it will be winter, I decided to put on over a pure white mink fur coat. On your feet will Shine pearly pumps with Swarovski crystals. Hairstyles there will also be different: on the official part - removed tresses with fresh flowers and a veil on the floor, and on the feast - flowing with a tiara. All my style - simple and with taste, no bright shades of lipstick, which I love. Sorry, in this case it is out of season", - quotes StarHit Anna Kalashnikov.

Engagement rings, according to a happy wife will be custom. "The rings we wish to order in platinum with pavцL diamonds. Already met with a few jewelers. Marriage registration will take place in Kutuzovsky registry office, and after we go to the restaurant. While choosing from 2: 1 in the center, near the New Arbat and 2nd review for the metropolis, a few kilometers from Moscow along Novorizhskoe highway. The area where the school is, there is a hotel and cabins for relaxation and Spa, where on day 2, you can relax and reconstruct strength after the revelry. And this option we like more. We will be able perfectly to spend time in nature, ride in a sleigh drawn by three white as snow horses through the woods. Well, for the baby's health is healthier to breathe outdoors than in the metropolis," said Anna.

The wedding will be arranged in a romantic style: a large number of flowers and shiny jewelry decor. "A Russian winter's tale. On the ceremonial table will certainly deliver the goods - red and black caviar, stuffed sturgeon, baked suckling pig. Three-tier cake for us to make a close friend, the famous pastry chef Alex Kush. Guests expect to invite about 200, but, of course, son. And about the wedding it's complicated. According to Church laws, a young woman should be on the sacrament in a closed dress, in consequence of this outfit will certainly pick up modest and extremely great. Large wedding candles we will order in the temple. There also will acquire towel, which will fasten our hands during the ceremony. And, of course, wedding icons depicting the Savior and the virgin. We learned that all sold in one kit and you can buy it in any ward. For me it's topical and exciting event," finished the story of Kalashnikov.

Source: Chaliapin and Kalashnikov intend to perform the wedding ceremony

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