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If Charlie sheen was around 5 thousand women

The famous Hollywood actor and legendary womanizer Charlie sheen who tested HIV-positive, it was rumored that more than 5000 ladies. Now we can only guess how many of them he may have infected with a dangerous virus, for many years hiding problems with health.

1. Donna Drank

In 1995, Charlie sheen married model Donna Peele. Six months after marriage, the artist announced the divorce, because he lacked the freedom, and he was literally gasping for breath. In future years, Shin breathed in deeply. Because now his don Juan list, according to rumors, contains 5 thousand ladies and medical professionals have diagnosed him with HIV.

2. Denise Richards

With actress Denise Richards y Charlie sheen were perhaps the most normal relationship: 5 years of marriage, two daughters, no public scandals. Richards always wanted to take strife out of the hut and, unlike countless girlfriends Bus, including porn actress, prostitutes and drug addicts, was the most adequate to his passion. Even when the summer of this year, a petulant artist named the former spouse as "the worst mom in the world" and "piece of shit" (about what wrote in one of the social networks), Denise in reply congratulated him on father's Day, also recommend to everyone not to respond to negative attacks people in the same coin.

However, diplomacy Denise Richards sometimes appropriate. So, the actress knew that Charlie sheen was diagnosed with HIV, although did not advertise this information, announces Access Hollywood. According to a source close to Richards, she and her children are healthy, and contracted artist, regularly paying the former spouse alimony after the divorce with her.

3. Brooke Mueller

Actress Brooke Mueller feisty actor got married 2 years later after the break with Richards. In this marriage relationship developed in a different scenario: the spouse scandals became public and was decorated with the 1st band of the tabloids, Muller, and blessed and loved to have fun, was addicted to alcohol and was treated for drug addiction.

New year's eve 2009, the actor was arrested at a ski resort in aspen. The artist, according to mц+ller, who bore him two sons, threw the wife on the sofa, put a knife to her throat and announced that he would kill her if again mentions the divorce and will tell everyone about their dilemmas in marriage. In 2010, sheen was sentenced to 30 days of healing in a rehabilitation center, 30 days probation and 36 hours of courses to overcome inner feelings of aggression. By the way, according to rumors, Muller was not so lucky as Richards, and she was diagnosed with HIV.

4. Capri Anderson

After separating from third wife, Charlie sheen was comforted in the arms of a porn actress Capri Anderson. As a result of the artist found in the room of a new York hotel naked in a state of strong alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. The room was completely trashed, and there were pornographic actress locked herself in the toilet, fleeing from an angry artist. Shin moved to a medical emergency in the clinic. Later his followers said that the premise of the hospitalization was "allergic reaction". The situation piquancy was added by the precedent that in new York 45-year-old Tyre was situated with ex-wife Denise Richards and their daughters in a joint "family vacation".

5. Brett Rossi

Wide soul man Charlie sheen last year showed that they are able not only to use the capabilities of comfort, but also for the romantic feeling. At least so it seemed. His 24-year-old sweetheart Brett Rossi, famous for his roles in the films for adults, he made a very romantic proposal: at dawn on February 14, on Valentine's Day. "Yes, we're engaged, he made it look like a real gentleman and even knelt down to ask for my hand," said a happy Rossi. But, apparently, did not happen.

It turned out that he had identified HIV, Charlie sheen was silent. "You put me at risk of Contracting HIV within a year and a half!" - shouted Rossi in an interview with the ENQUIRER, she took the other day.

6. Bree Olsen

Pornographic actress bree Olsen got into don Juan list Charlie sheen, 1 krasiv of his weekends in 2011. The blonde, twice younger than himself, he had spent two or three days in Las Vegas, where he managed directly to ensure that Olsen gave credit for AVN magazine, awarded to outstanding pornos. Bree is so impressed with Charlie that moved him. At the same time together with them lived model Natalie Kenley. Shin called them goddesses, did not spare cash, and within a few months everyone was happy.

After the scandal erupted with HIV infection Bus bree Olsen wrote on Twitter that he passed the tests and received the results. It was discovered that bree's not sick, tells People. To explain the condition of the Tire, it is denied. "Call me Jon snow. I don't know," joked Olsen quote from the TV series "Game of thrones". According to rumors, the Tires never skimp on generous payouts when it came to the point that it is not talked extra.

7. CECI Jordan

1 from pornos who participated in a legendary 36-hour Orgy Charlie sheen. Then, in 2012, in the home of a Hollywood star gathered friends and young women, not burdened with strict moral principles. Party non-stop, drugs, on which was spent a few thousand dollars, and the 911 call after the Tire was bad. Artist pumped out, the attorneys again spoke about his allergies, and Jordan in one of his interviews said that if not ran away from the party, it would be the hospital.

8. Mila Kunis

With Mila kunis, the actor indulged in amorous fun in your own dreams. So it is unlikely she should be tested for HIV. In his interview, Charlie sheen announced that it wished kunis has become his "goddess", but apparently, she's not interested.

9. A gorgeous stranger

Magnificent strangers in the life of Charlie sheen was much. The names of most of them the artist probably doesn't even know. Maybe because he didn't know who to report that he had HIV?

While everyone is expecting sensational confessions Charlie sheen that he is about to do, the media continues to receive all the latest information. The tabloid TMZ reports that the actor revealed HIV 2 years ago, however he managed to recover. It should be noted that in California is punished six months of imprisonment for having sex with a man who did not know that enters into an intimate relationship with an HIV-infected. If the Prosecutor will prove, that the accident was infected intentionally, then the defendant could face up to 8 years of imprisonment.

Source: If Charlie sheen was around 5 thousand women

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