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Shepelev became friends with my best friend Friske

Father of the late singer Zhanna Friske Vladimir Borisovich argues that the famous TV presenter and father of her son Platon Dmitry Shepelev took up with her best friend artist. Version of the sad father, the lady continuously dwells in the home of the showman.

It's been 5 months, passed away popular singer Zhanna Friske. Singer killed the cancer she fought for 2 years. After the death of the singer Zhanna close relations only worsened. As announced inconsolable father of the singer Vladimir Borisovich, the former civil husband Friske, fashion TV presenter and showman Dmitry Shepelev does not permit family members of the actress to see two-year-old Plato. As a result, the family of the actress through counsel, wrote a letter to the guardianship, to gain official permission for meeting with the kid.

But the situation is not over. The other day the father of Zhanna Friske again came to the hospital with a heart attack. "Heart junk. Pressure high, sugar has risen in the nervous system. My whole family suffers from what Shepelev does not allow us to meet with Platosha. He went on some kind of principle. From Shepelev I don't need anything: I just want to see my own grandson. I have no strength, my wife is also on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He told us of Plato six months makes - it's a living hell! Dima's parents also don't want to listen to us..." - said Vladimir Borisovich.

Suddenly Jeanne's father said that Shepelev had found a new mother for the baby Plato. "Ksenia, Oksana Stepanova (individual beautician and friend Zhanna Friske. - Approx.ed.), old friend's daughter, at the moment all the time with Plato. When Joan did not feel good, She courted her. And I thought she was a close friend of Joan, and it turns out that she sang with Shepelev. Ksyusha is now at his house all the time... When Jeanne died, we were talking Shepelevo: "Dima, son of Jeanne no, we will always help you. I wish, live with us, I wish, 1 Petoskey. We will meet, we will be each other's support, the boy of our shared parenting." And he told us no. I assume that She warned him that my daughter is dying, in consequence of this Shepelev Plato picked up and taken away. Then from our house disappeared and Xenia. To be honest, I don't know what kind of Xenia relations with Shepelev. It is very likely that there's something personal," said Vladimir Borisovich website "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Father of Joan confessed that extremely worried about my little grandson. He explained: "He lives in rental accommodation, their own homes Dima in Moscow. There are 2 rooms, 1 occupied by Shepeleva costumes. I did not go there, missus was only 1 time".

Vladimir Borisovich argues that Shepelev strongly provokes. "I'm afraid to go there. I'm afraid that will break. The last time my wife and daughter Natasha came to Dima, instead of Plato came out to us Shepelev with 2 guards, a specialist in psychology and the nurse. Asked the question: "What do you want?" I say: "You show us a grandchild!" Dima replied: "Not gonna show!" Again we have to fight, or whatever. He's provoking me. I for Dima ran, and the guards hid him in the hallway. I sat in the car, started it to beat, honk... In the end Shepelev led the grandson. Exactly 7 minutes! Alone with the child has not allowed to remain. We were Petoskey on the street, and around we went 2 security Shepeleva, a specialist in psychology and the nurse. People that were walking in the yard, looked up, laughed at this scene," stated the father of Joan.

Correspondents decided to take explanations from the Oksana Stepanova. As a us newspaper reports that one of its clients, except Zhanna Friske, there were such famous persons as artist Lubov Uspenskaya, actress and TV presenter Yulia Kovalchuk, the soloist of group "Brilliant" Ksenia Novikova, Anna Semenovich and Shura from group "Bi-2". However the woman flatly denied talking to the press. Shepelev himself not long ago commented their own private lives.

Source: Shepelev became friends with my best friend Friske

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