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Cheryl death threats

CHERYL Cole is the target of chilling death threats amid fury over her axing of X Factor`s Gamu Nhengu.

One threat carried the terrifying warning: "Every1 has a bullet for you."

The sick rant accused the singer of making "the biggest mistake of her life" by ditching teenage fans` favourite Gamu from the ITV talent show.

And shockingly the sender says that, if he can`t get to 27-year-old Cheryl, he will "drop" any girl he finds with the same name.

The hate-filled tirade - circulated to phones around the country via BlackBerry Messenger amid outrage over Gamu`s exit - slurs Cheryl by accusing her of racism.

The Sun is not printing it in full, but one part reads: "I`ve never felt like dis over xfactor until u told gambu (sic) she is not going to the live show.

"Dat cheryl was da biggest mistake of your life. U want to act innocent on tv like you don`t know wat ur doing. But we all know how racist you are.

"Wat u have now done is f*** up every white girls lives who`s silly mothers dat named der child cheryl. Cuz I`m just going to f***** bang drop dem and dey won`t even know why."

Sent from Tottenham, North London, the rant tells gorgeous Cheryl - newly divorced from footballer Ashley Cole - never to visit the area, warning she would be "punched until she bleeds".

It adds: "You are a hater. You can`t sing 2 save your life. So to make urself happy you want to get rid off all the good singers you know will make you look s***. Nobody wants to buy ur album."

The message - signed off with the street name Supa Capone - ends with the words "Find Me".

One 25-year-old mum who received the diatribe said: "There was something very chilling about it - the way he said he`d never felt like that before.

"It seemed obsessional, like he was unstable. What if some poor girl is attacked just because her name is Cheryl?"

Both Scotland Yard and X Factor bosses yesterday said they were looking into the message, which accused Cheryl of keeping 18-year-old Gamu out of the X Factor finals last weekend as she was jealous of her talent.

Last night it emerged ANOTHER sick demand for Cheryl`s death had appeared on Facebook.

A site - entitled `cheryl cole to die a painful death for being a T**t and blasted into space` - was set up by poster Dan Mcmanus and had 39 members.

Its description reads: "ppl who want to kill cheryl cole for being a great big t*** and making painful music that ppl want to shoot themselves to."

The threats came amid a huge backlash over Girls Aloud star Cheryl`s decision to axe talented Gamu and instead put through waif-like Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel, 24, who both mucked up in judges` house auditions.

Cher, 17, has been allocated a counsellor by X Factor chiefs as she battles the stress of the show.

But yesterday dad Darren insisted she was "fine" and "stronger than ever".

Jobless Darren, 43, explained in Malvern, Worcs: "She had a sore throat at the audition and couldn`t give her all.

"She`s absolutely fine mentally and can`t wait to perform in the live finals."

Darren also revealed Cher is a proud gipsy who wants to sing a traditional Romany song on her first album.

He said: "There are strong Romany roots on her mother Dinah`s side and Cher is keen to learn more about her heritage."

Despite her father`s claims, Cher`s stick-thin frame has sparked fears for her health.

Last night Mary George of eating disorder charity beat warned the wannabe needs more energy to maintain her strength.

She said: "A healthy, balanced diet is important. Our bodies require regular nutrition and sufficient hydration to enable us to perform to maximum levels."

X Factor supremo Simon Cowell has added a twist by allowing judges to select "wildcard" acts who could earn a reprieve despite being axed from the show.

Some names have been leaked on the net, infuriating X Factor chiefs.

Source: Cheryl death threats

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