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Zhanna Friske refused feet

As it became known correspondent of NTV, suffering from severe cancer Russian singer Zhanna Friske began to experience severe headaches after gave birth to a son Platon. After 7 months of struggle with brain cancer, the artist can't walk.

Father Zhanna Friske reported a deadly disease own daughter

According to the father of artist Vladimir Borisovich, the malady own daughter he found out in the middle of last year. Immediately after that, She was treated in the best hospitals of the United States and Germany. With all this newborn boy all this time lived with his parents singer.

"Long ago, I knew a long time ago. 7 months ago. Call me from America and said that difficulties with her. She at first didn't know what it is. She had seizures. She thought that just a headache. It was after the birth. Before the birth, she generally anything that didn't complain. Have sent a full examination, and later we have already said. She had CT scan of the brain, and tomography showed" - quoted TV channel Vladimir Borisovich.

Artist firmly embraced the news of the deadly disease to the last tried not to upset the parents. With all this own illness she believes test, not a punishment.

"She and now says she only hoped. When I accompanied her, she said: "Folder, we will win this game". I promised that we shall have a grandson, granddaughter," added he.

Among other things, he told that the artist herself has arrived to the Russian Federation to pass the son of Plato's own mother. After that she returned to America.

Also, sister Zhanna Friske Natalia said that they talk on the phone almost every day.

"We always try to show him Zhanna: on TV all photos. So he does not feel that the mother is not around. The Zhanna calls. Almost every day we speak. Feels like normal," she said.

"Her doctor is very good health workers. We constantly keep our relationship, Jeanne in a good mood, she determined to win", - reported health actress of her colleague on the "Brilliant" Olga Orlova in her interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". She reported that in the coming days to Jeanne bring her nine-month-old son, with all this herself Olga inter alia going to see a friend.

Funds for the treatment of Zhanna Friske get to it after 75 days

Remember, January 20, in the air of the First channel" has been announced the auction to collect funds for the treatment of Zhanna Friske. According to the latest data, to mount managed more than 60 million rubles..

According to reliable information Life News, in consequence of countless bureaucratic delays funds collected for treatment artist, can arrive at its expense solely through 75 days. According to the version of the adept "Respond", so significant delays due to the abundance of organizations involved in the system. With all of this remains unclear whether it is possible in some way to speed up the process.

"The real means to us on account received in this period, as throughout the country operators. They are accumulated operators, then transferred to the content provider. he believes. Apparently, all this is due to the fact that the service of this amount is deducted, and it turns out that cash is received within this time.", - announced the responsible Secretary of "Respond" Anna Zheleznova.

What they say doctors about the disease Zhanna Friske?

Malignant tumors of the brain - one of the most transient form tumors. The median survival is about 1 year... Malignant tumor is removed, usually, surgical method, then the patient is prescribed a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The duration of medical treatment for at least a year... the prevention of this disease does not exist. In the initial stage it can be asymptomatic, with the progression may get headaches, convulsions, transient loss of consciousness. Some researchers believe provoking factors electromagnetic effect and, for example, mobile communication. But no evidence of this," quotes "Express Newspaper" the word of the largest doctor of the Moscow regional Oncology center, doctor of medical Sciences, doctor Alexander Seryakova.

"There has been a single cases of development of malignant tumours in women after childbirth, but it is not connected with pregnancy and childbirth. Probably a brain tumor was already in the initial stage of development, but it is not diagnosed, and it manifested itself after the lady became a mother, on the General weakening of the body," added the doctor-consultant on a speciality "gynecologist" Free laboratory INVITRO Nona Hovsepyan.

Brain cancer occurs in patients only 1.5% of cases and is very hard to cure. In addition with this type of tumor it is quite difficult to diagnose. The reasons of origin of glioblastoma brain is unknown.

Signs of this terrible disease is severe headache. Her character is changeable, it may manifest in the morning. Also a sign of brain cancer may serve morning vomiting, dizziness, mental disorder, etc signs.

Source: Zhanna Friske refused feet

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