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Elton John criticized antipasti law"

Renowned British artist, author and singer sir Elton John answered not so long ago occurred interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which Russian President called Britain's brilliant man and musician, which, despite its orientation", in Russia sincerely adore millions.

Artist in the answer has declared, that adopted in the RF law prohibiting homosexual propaganda, "contributes to the lack of understanding and ignorance" and extremely dangerous for bodybuilders, reports The Mirror.

According to Elton John, the law largely affected the lives of his friends bodybuilders who are exposed to threats, insults and beatings: "the People I met in Moscow gays and lesbians - told me about the attacks. They tried to "cure" throwing urine and beatings".

"One guy, when he came out of a gay club, persecuted people, posing as a taxi driver who wanted to strangle his guitar string", - told the artist. According to him, each of those with whom he talked, shared the stories of verbal and physical violence at work in bars and restaurants or on the street.

Elton John among others reported that under the ban, according to "antihacker" the law came about HIV prevention in the gay community.

Artist stressed that in Russia the attitude to foreign guests tremendously different from the situation with private representatives of the LGBT community. "President Putin admits that this was not his intent, but, certainly, the law contributes to the misunderstanding and ignorance," the musician said, expressing confidence that the law is directly linked homosexuality with violence against children.

In order to solve the problem, the actor proposed to introduce Putin with members of the Russian gay community, so that he alone heard of people "deserve to be heard, worthy of respect and warm relationships in their own country is not smaller than I got in the final arrival".

Recently in his interview to TV channels BBC, ABC News, CCTV, "Russia-1", "First channel" and information Agency Around the Rings the correspondent of British broadcasting Corporation Andrew Marr told the Russian President about the concerns of Elton John in connection with the attitude in Russia towards people of homosexual orientation.

"We all people are the same, quite regardless of religion, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. All the same", - quotes ITAR-TASS. Putin said that the law applies to propaganda of homosexuality among under age and aims to improve the demographic situation.

As it seems, the law, which was adopted in the Russian Federation, "no one touches". "People gay can't feel we the people of 2nd class, for the following reasons they are not discriminated against," said Putin.

"I don't care what the sexual orientation of the person. And I understand and support relationships with some of such people. We absolutely, I would have said, companionship," he confessed in an interview with Russian favorite. "I have been awarded several such persons for the results of their work, not for their orientation," he added.

Answering the question if the artist Elton John and actor Ian McKellen has visited the Russian Federation, would Putin to talk to them, - Russian favorite answered: "of Course!"

With all of this, the President's press Secretary Dmitry Peskov in the explanation of the "Novaya Gazeta" reported that initiatives from the side of Putin's meeting with Elton John is not expected. "Putin is always ready to communicate with their own opponents. The proposal Elton John to meet with Putin, if we receive it, undoubtedly, will be considered. Elton John - the very honorable man, a famous private charity work," said Sands.

Source: Elton John criticized antipasti law"

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