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Specialists are sure that the elections will help bring peace back to Syria

The legality of the Syrian election is not in doubt, said the head of the Academy of geopolitical issues Konstantin Sivkov held on 4 June in the capital of Russia the round table. The results of the elections, according to his vision, demonstrate that " the People of Syria support held by the current regime course, " reports the news Agency journalist.
Sivkov noticed that external players the recent elections showed that " the regime in the Syrian Arab Republic is recognized as absolutely legitimate, that this power is strong, and attempts of its overthrow by building up the strength to naught ". He drew attention that " the value Syria only important for applicants for world domination ". And in the near future, in his view, have the opportunity to take other measures that would justify a full-scale military intervention in Syria. In addition, the expert suggested that North America will do everything in their power to be drawn into the conflict to neighbouring countries "." To fight for Syria they will fiercely to the end, " He said.
The fact that the Syrian Arab Republic's fighting against this attack, According to Konstantin Sivkov means that North America And behind them power de facto defeated by the country incomparably weaker. It testifies about the fact that North America radically lose credibility in the eyes of the Arab world ".
Deputy head of the Association of Russian diplomats, Ambassador Peter Stegny said that currently the Arab world as a whole is at a crossroads - either to continue the ancient games with deliveries of weapons And wars by the hands of others, or to establish a reasonable balance of forces in the region ".
The co-chair of the division of solidarity with the people of Syria, a senior member of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society Oleg Fomin agree that the election in the Syrian Arab Republic were legitimate And representative, in contrast from the recent elections in Ukraine. He specified that the number of people willing to vote was so great that for 5 hours I had to extend the work of polling stations.
Fomin told his impressions on a recent trip to Syria, noting that " in the majority in the people's attitude is quite positive Bashar Assad And his family." The people of Syria, according to him, waiting for what will soon be a turning point in the confrontation And will begin the economic recovery And destroyed infrastructure." The army is pressing the armed opposition And scored successes. The Syrian People convinced in their victory, And I'm very grateful to our country ", - He said. Fomin said that the phrase " Thank you Russia " can be seen in the homes And on the walls of the Syrian cities.
recall that yesterday, at midnight, in the Syrian Arab Republic ended the presidential elections held on an alternative basis. The leading competitors in the presidential race the country's incumbent President Bashar al-Assad became the Communist Deputy from Aleppo Maher Abdel Hafiz Hagar And liberal Hassan Abdel Illahi an-Nuri. The election results will be announced after a full vote count, not before a day. Russian observers, who watched the progress of voting, recognized as legitimate the elections. However, armed with opposing political force considers the elections a farce And hopes for an armed overthrow of Assad.

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Specialists are sure that the elections will help bring peace back to Syria
 -  Знаменитости Specialists are sure that the elections will help bring peace back to Syria
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