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Presnyakov and Dubtsova broke the rules of show "Exactly"

Famous singers and just experts reincarnations Irina Dubtsova and Nikita Presnyakov "broken system" and both became victors of the project "Exactly", thus violating the established rules that the program.

At the end of the show, as in "the Highlander", favorite promised to stay 1, but the jury members, as tried and failed to decide who is better - Presnyakov or Dubtsova. At that the judge Lyubov Kazarnovskaya, Leonid Yarmolnik, Gennady Khazanov, Maxim Averin and Anna Bolsova and decided: favorites "Exactly" will be two.

Presnyakov in the finals showed his own brand image scandalous famous rocker Freddie mercury, which has helped him win the analog Ukrainian project "Homeschool". Challenger grandson Diva Dubtsova, who shared with Nikita gold acted as the no less famous Bonnie Tyler. Both have received from the jury for their own bright rooms high 25 points, leading the standings with a record 345 points for all editions of "Exactly".

"According to the results of any race favorite has to be one. Irina Dubtsova and Nikita Presnyakova the same number of points", - he shared his own observations after notice assessments leading Alexander Oleshko. What Gennady Khazanov wittily said to him: "You want someone to take?", triggering a wave of laughter in the hall. "I would be glad somebody would have added", - joked Oleshko, which throughout the project Breasts stood by each participant and called for referees to be dobroserdova to the contestants, and added: "I want to know who Favoryt".

After a moment's pause, the judges decided, but Khazanov didn't want it to sound, passing the word Kazarnovskaya. Love also confessed that he does not want to name a favorite and therefore passed the microphone to Maxim Averin received. Fearless "Capercaillie", famous for its own categorical opinions, immediately said, "I give no one will. Now we have a real feast was. The event can not end simply. Must be some magic. Who prohibits us from this miracle to do? We will now be 2 favorite - Irina Dubtsova and Nikita Presnyakov. Hurrah!" - completed its own fiery speech artist. Hall responded with applause.

Happy favorites commented on the decision of the jury members. "This is a miracle! gratefully said Nikita Presnyakov. - This draw is the best choice that can be invented". Irina Dubtsova solidarity with the actor. "I want to say a huge thank you to all of you, our dear, dear members of the jury, for all the words, all evaluation of what we have done, for your sincerity, for your honesty. I'm crying already. Imagine why? Because I want more," through tears confessed artist.

The third place with 339 points staked out a gifted Gleb Matveichuk, all time of the project brilliantly cope with any musical material. Bronze medalist pleased the visitors of the final release of its own reincarnation in Nikolay Baskov and stunning performances "in memory of Caruso". "Natural blonde" also appeared on stage and sang a duet with a parody of himself, and later shared their emotions from the rooms and Gleb Matveychuk.

"In case something and wanted Nikolay Baskov in this life, only to sing with ourselves", - kicked actor Alexander Oleshko. "A huge thank you! For me a great holiday and a great honor that I did today "Exactly" a great actor and a stunning vocalist. In-1-x, all declare that the Basque narcissistic. But how is it possible not to love?! - with admiration demonstrating hand on Gleb-Nicholas, sincerely asked "Golden voice" of Russia. - I first nicely done! And you so it goes. But Caruso can sing every..." "And Basque have 1," he finished the sentence for Nicholas Oleshko. And 2 Baskov incendiary sang together "the barrel organ".

In one step of the pedestal is Natalia Podolskaya (337 points) and Dmitry Koldun (331). Further place in the tournament table of the project "Exactly" were distributed in the following order: Sevara, Vitas, Tatiana Bulanova, Yuri Galtsev, Natalie, Jasmine, Renat Ibragimov.

Source: Presnyakov and Dubtsova broke the rules of show "Exactly"

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