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In the Kaluga region will establish a monument to the regimental priest - the hero of the war of 1812

The monument to the chaplain of the 19th Chasseur regiment Vasily Vasilkov - only one of the five thousand regimental priests of Russia awarded the order of Saint George for the courage shown in the battle will be installed on the Central square of the town of Maloyaroslavets, Kaluga region in September of the current year. About It has told today, on 9 June, the journalist of the news Agency, the Secretary of the Council for culture of the Kaluga diocesan administration father Sergei Tretyakov.
according to him, " the fact that the monument intend to install in the middle of Maloyaroslavets, near the monument to the heroes of the Patriotic war of 1812, not unintentionally. Just in this city for more than two centuries ago, was made famous the feat of regimental priest father Vasily Vasilkov. The initiative to erect a Monument to the priest - hero of the Patriotic war of 1812 owned by the Russian military historical society. The monument will be erected by public subscription. According to the comments of the head of the Kaluga Archdiocese, Metropolitan Kliment of the future Monument will be a symbol of the heroism of the clergy, gave support to the people At all times of war suffering in Kaluga region. Starting From the 17th of March of the current year In all monasteries And churches in the Kaluga region installed " circles " to collect funds for the development of the monument ".
" Currently, we translate the conceptual model in real dimensions of the monument, " says the Creator of the sculpture, people's artist of Russia Salavat Shcherbakov." This will be a bronze monument - the figure of the priest With the cross, inspiring the soldiers at the military service, personal example leading them to attack. Under the feet of the father Basil will be viewed field of battle - pieces of the weapons, the land which was protected from Napoleon's troops. Using the pedestal of grey marble figure will be lifted up above the square to a height of four and a half meters - this is the " growth " of the monument. The background of it will serve as a fine example of Russian architecture - the Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin, built in 1913 on public donations in honor of the 100 anniversary of the victory of our army over Napoleon in Malojaroslavec battle. Near even more monumental spiritual center - St. Nicholas Chernoostrovsky a monastery rebuilt in 1801-1943 years as a Monument to the Patriotic war of 1812. So the figure of the spiritual mentor of Russian soldiers Vasily Vasilkov here is more than appropriate, " believes Salavat Shcherbakov.
according to him, " working on the image of the priest Vasylkivska, he wasn't the goal to bring some real features, to achieve similarity, because there was no portrait or photographic cards father Vasily, as we do not know what they looked like in reality Dmitry Donskoy or Alexander Nevsky. It's Just our way of remembrance of him. Just another Russian soldier in the clothes of a priest. Just another hero who, finally, on the right took forever your place in the land which defended ".

Reference information Agency. Dad Vasily Vasilkov was born in, the Sevsk, completion Box Theological Seminary married And was Assigned to the Church of St. Elijah the Ukrainian town of Sumy. Soon widowed And was transferred With a small son, Simeon Staroborisovsky monastery. During the Patriotic war of 1812 determined by the chaplain of the 19th Chasseur regiment that participated in practice In all the major battles, and among them, the battle at Borodino. In the battle near Maloyaroslavets Kaluga region, October 12, 1812, which lasted 17 hours, the Russian troops kept the French, who have tried to break through to Kaluga track, And the city is eight times had changed hands of the enemy in the hands of the army commanded by Kutuzov - regimental priest behaved According to watching his Archpriest I. Derzhavin: " In the assigned me the division of the 19th Chasseurs regiment, priest Vasily Vasilkov During the fifteen former July 1812 near the city of Vitebsk battle for his sincere diligence was at the beginning thereof ahead With the cross, blessed the regiment then in the hottest fire by encouraging all to overcome the enemy, And professed seriously injured, where rebound kernel land on his left cheek was hit, but With onou were in the battle, as long as secondary got into the cross, the former on his chest, hit by a bullet And from thereof strong chest contusion

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In the Kaluga region will establish a monument to the regimental priest - the hero of the war of 1812
 -  Знаменитости In the Kaluga region will establish a monument to the regimental priest - the hero of the war of 1812
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