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Baranovskaya demonstrated new boyfriend

Former civil wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin Julia Baranovskaya demonstrated a new boyfriend. He was a Swedish artist Ula.

In the life of the Yulia baranouskaya it was a pleasant change. From prosence with 3 children" it transformed into an interesting lady with a decent life Luggage. After parting with Andrey Arshavin Baranovskaya was vigorously to break into the Russian TV: she was co-host for the post-show "the Bachelor. What do men want" on TNT, and may have joined collective women's talk show "the Girls" on the channel "Russia". From June 22, Yulia Baranovskaya should be the new presenter of the program "Reset" on TNT. On the background of a certain professional growth and in private life in the ex-wife of footballer has been progress. Near the Baranov, a new boyfriend. He was a famous Swedish musician Ula.

They met in Italy in the end of last year, after a speech in one of the clubs of Milan. Joint friends introduced them to each other. As told "Komsomolskaya Pravda", dialogue ensued quite simply, they found a large number of joint friends and acquaintances. Next time they met in Sochi, where the Swede made speech during the Olympic games. Since then they have kept in touch, and when Ula came to Moscow to perform at the award "Muz-TV", he invited her to go with him. Actually, specifically after the total output in the track events secular chroniclers talking about the baranouskaya eventually emerged virtuous fan.

Themselves Yulia and Ulu, according to their friends, enjoying harmony names (in Swedish "Julia" sounds exactly like "Ula") and absolutely not be confused by the difference in age (Baranovskaya a little bit older). The artist himself said about relations with a Russian friend: "it Happens that you get acquainted with the person, and in a few minutes you already speak the same language, as if you are familiar eternity. Yulia is a very interesting woman. I like her position in life. But the best thing in it is shyness. How can you be such a graceful, well-known and modest at the same time? I have a lot to learn from!"

Baranovskaya inter alia no secret relationship with a Swedish artist: "When we were driving in the car, he told me: most likely, on the red carpet I must be a gentleman, but I absolutely can't do it. Naturally, he was being disingenuous. He is able and nicely taken care of, and to say the right words. At the award "Muz-TV" he never for a moment have tried not to leave me alone. I felt very well and comfortably next to him, and very happy that such a man had appeared in my life."

Correspondents quickly searched the biography of the admirer of the baranouskaya. Ula (full name Ola Svensson) is a Swedish pop singer and composer. In 4 solo albums and his songs IБv?m In Love and Jackie Kennedy was the head of the charts in almost all States of Europe, even Russia. Ula has repeatedly visited the Russian Federation with performances. In different years he was a special guest at Europa Plus LIVE, Big Love Show, but in February, spoke at the opening of the Olympic games in Sochi. Curiously, before beginning his musical career Ula was a professional football player. He had been playing football since 5 years. Already in the 14th was the best in their own age group. Played in clubs SK Lunds, Trelleborgs. But in 2006 became a member of the Swedish project Pop Idol (local analogue of the "Star Factory") and then retired from football.

Source: Baranovskaya demonstrated new boyfriend

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