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The Kostroma authorities are ready to provide the children of immigrants places in kindergartens and educational institutions

in the Kostroma region by the decision of questions of immigrants from Ukraine will be engaged in special working group established by the order of the head of the region. Information Agency on 20 June, said the press service of the head.
now in the region there is a temporary item placement of immigrants at the base of the sanatorium " Kostroma ". There are twelve to six adults and six children. On inaccurate estimates, in the near future in Kostroma will arrive about 50 immigrants from the South-East of Ukraine. For residents of Ukraine has all necessary For residing rules. Federation of trade unions of the Kostroma region, which gave the building of the sanatorium, together with a cellular Company Tele2 provide people with sim cards.
Among the priority tasks to be addressed regional administration and Executive authorities for the employment of immigrants, providing clothing allowances and material aid.
The head of the region Sergey Sitnikov has put before the health Department of the Kostroma region the task of maintaining the needy baby food. As said 1st Deputy Director of the Department Dmitry Surikov, adults and children will be assigned to the policlinics, located in Zavolzhsky area, so that they can receive necessary medical care.
Regional Department of education and science will individually decide with each family for the provision of places in kindergartens, educational institutions, institutions of professional education." We include in the work of the whole system of education in order to provide necessary assistance to refugees, as citizens come with children of different ages. Without a doubt, no child will be left without attention places in kindergartens will provide as a matter of priority ", - commented Director of the Department Tatiana speedy.
Will also be studied the question of transport security. Today two individual entrepreneur, involved in passenger transportation by the Volga routes, agreed to the transportation of immigrants from Ukraine are free of charge. To do this, people will only need to show a Ukrainian passport to the driver.

" We will take all, take care of all, Although we perfectly understand, because this additional burden For the budget, For the people. No one will attachem, but rather expect that the situation will normalize, citizens will be able to return home. Although many hopes on it, unfortunately, no. Inhabitants of Donbass predict that the next two to three years in their settlements, and cities to live will be impossible. There are broken communal systems, destroyed housing ", - noted the Governor Sergey Sitnikov.
Let's add, that on June 23 of the public organization will be ready to announce the shares to collect humanitarian and material assistance For immigrants. Already at present the regional Federation of trade unions organized a collection of care For people arriving from the South-East of Ukraine. Residents of the area have the opportunity to bring things and food For immigrants at the address: , Kostroma Ostrovsky street, 44 (Federation of trade unions of the Kostroma region).

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The Kostroma authorities are ready to provide the children of immigrants places in kindergartens and educational institutions
 -  Знаменитости The Kostroma authorities are ready to provide the children of immigrants places in kindergartens and educational institutions
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