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Stefan Meister: the agreement EU-Ukraine FTA - political step

Tatiana Firsova. The EU's decision to sign With Ukraine the agreement on free trade area in the early stages will only cost is the 1st of all, political. Such opinion in an interview Last news was expressed by the expert of the Berlin branch of the European Council on international vzaimootnosheniyam (European Council on Foreign Relations, ECFR) Stefan Meister.

With this statement to some extent agree And specialist in Eastern Europe of the German society for foreign policy (DGAP) Liana Fix. In her vision, the potential economic benefits of the EU from the Association With Georgia, Moldova And Ukraine is low, And the priority commitment of the EU is strengthening in these parts of stability And democracy.

The European Union at a conference on June 27, plans to sign initialed in November of the Treaty on the Union And the free trade area With Georgia And Moldova, as well as the economic part of the agreement With Ukraine, which signed the political section in March. The economic section of the Treaty on the Union provides and among them, the entry into the free trade area of the EU. The Russian authorities many times stated that in this case Russia will have to protect its own domestic market on a duty-free flow through Ukraine to European subjects.

" the most important thing is a political Decision, part of the neighbourhood policy of the European Union. The signing of the agreement has a political goal to stabilize neighbors And bring them closer to the EU. Do countries that are similar to the European Union. And this will entail costs. Thus, the economic benefits as long as limited, and economic costs exist, " said Meister Last news . However, according to him, the expansion of the EU own markets is also a goal.

" If we, for example, in Ukraine, this large market. The opening of this market for the subjects of the EU And the development of EU standards in these countries, for example in the Ukraine, will give the European Union the advantages. In the case of Georgia And Moldova this is not So, Because the markets are too small, " said the head of the Department.

according to him, Ukraine will take many years to reform the social, political And economic system. In addition, reforms are interfering with the oligarchs.

" The resistance of the Ukrainian elite reforms to date have taken place. They hinder the reform. If the Ukrainian elite is ready now And in the truth to begin reforms in this hard economic situation, it is possible, for example, to compare (the situation) With Poland And expect at least 10-15 years. Even more, Because the economic situation worse. 15-20 years ", - said Meister. According to him, Ukrainian oligarchs are not so willing to reform.

" Because they will have to refuse the privileges, Because then they would have to abandon non-transparent economic system, from bribery, " said the expert. In General it is Impossible to say whether Ukraine to the reforms in different groups of people prevail in a different mood, he said.

Liana Fix recalls that the intention of rapprochement With the EU comes the most important thing from the countries themselves, the signing of the contract, and not only from the EU. She believes, because this is Because the former Soviet republics " fear is too strong dependence from its big neighbor Russia, the intervention of Russia ". The European Union, signing With them in consensus, taking on your own shoulder some responsibility.

" Economically for the EU, These countries against a minor. Cannot be called economic desires of the main starting point for the EU in the Treaty of unity. The main story is about stability And good neighbourly relations with countries that are democratic, have the opportunity to act as an independent sovereign country, And to take their political decisions. The EU has expressed interest in a stable neighbourhood And much less in the markets, which in these countries will not be ", - said Fix Last news .

At the same time, noted the Agency interlocutor, Russia remains an important economic partner for Ukraine ".

" These economic relations need to continue, but for this one must first come to a positive relationship, " said She.

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Stefan Meister: the agreement EU-Ukraine FTA - political step
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