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Britney Spears was left alone again

Pop Princess Britney Spears, if to believe to the overseas tabloids, again, was left alone. Artist after one and a half years, the relationship has broken up with your own fiance David Lucado on the preparations for the wedding, which was used not so long ago, 6 million dollars.

Young promised to go down the aisle after a few days in Hawaii. As informs Radar Online, lovers not have been together for a few weeks, but almost no official statements they do and about the reason of the break nobody would be notified. "Britney and David went some time ago, after this artist all the attention focused on the children", - quotes a source from the inner circle of stars edition.

A possible reason for the separation Spears, Lucado could be that the singer had not paid their own groom enough attention. Britney enthusiastically settled own home in Las Vegas, forgetting about the rest. And home photo that she constantly puts in own Twitter now nowhere to be found, Lucado. The same informant added that Britney and David went peacefully, without incident, and even managed to remain friends.

While foreign media awaiting formal evidence news of the break with the groom from the Britney, newspaper the Daily Mail claims that it is a bluff greedy for sensations correspondents. Workers edition contacted own informant from the inner circle Spears, and he has not confirmed the sad news. "It is not true! Britney and David are still together. He just at some time left," he assured reporters printed editions each artist.

As already wrote Melbourne Herald sun , Roman Britney, Lucado was launched in early February 2013. "I am currently in love, David is very persistent, though I love it. He was funny and very passionate. I love what he does, his passion is infectious", - he shared his own happiness Spears in one interview. "Father he is very liked" - with a smile confessed singer. Under the version of the Spears, in the future, she would give birth to more children, but not sure I would again become married.

If Britney and David really not parted, the marriage with Lucado will Spears is already the third. The pop Princess was married twice. In 2004, she married his own friend youth Jason Alexander. However after 55 hours filed for divorce, explaining that she was not aware of the seriousness proishodyaschee six months, the actress married actor and dancer Kevin Live, gave birth to his 2 sons - Sean Preston and Jayden James. In 2006, the pop Princess went through quite a painful breakup with her husband.

For a long time suitors singer went Jason Trawick, separation which is quite beneficial to the work of stars and reflected in its long-awaited Studio album Britney Jean. The album includes 10 tracks. Name of the disc became home nickname artist. "I was reminded of the difficulties I encountered over the years. With children, with music. And one of the main topics Britney Jean will be my break with former fiance Jason Travicom, because it was very difficult", - wistfully recalls Spears.

Source: Britney Spears was left alone again

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