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Russian Ambassador: Osinovka cooperation with NATO does harm army of Afghanistan

Osinovka NATO's cooperation with Russia will have a direct influence on the combat capability of the Afghan army, said in an interview to the correspondents of the Russian Ambassador to Afghanistan Andrey Avetisyan.

" because NATO has decided to curtail cooperation with Russia, It is, unfortunately, will have a direct influence on ensuring the combat capability of the Afghan army. This is Clearly a short-sighted approach from NATO partners that will hit him. The Afghan army will not gain the necessary combat capability, " said Avetisyan.

in the framework of cooperation between the US bought the Russian Mi-17 helicopters for Afghanistan. 1. a contract for production and delivery 21 helicopter was signed by Rosoboronexport and the us government on 26 may 2011 and already implemented. In 2013, Russia has completed deliveries of 12 Mi-17V-5 option from 2012." Rosoboronexport " in the same year, has signed another contract for production and delivery of the party of 30 helicopters. Introduced before the U.S. sanctions against Russia were not affected supplies of Russian helicopters to Afghanistan.

Russia supplies spare parts for helicopters for the Afghan army and trains experts for the maintenance of flying machines in the training center of the Novosibirsk aircraft repair plant. In Russia Also are trained Workers Afghan anti-narcotic structures.

in early April the head of the NATO foreign Ministers stopped practical civil and military cooperation with Russia because of the position of the Russian Federation in Ukraine and the Crimea. In June of Ministers has prolonged the effect of this decision.

Russia wants to continue to assist the Afghan army, said Avetisyan." Both projects ( " helicopter design and development of Afghan drug police) specifically damaged from the decision of the USA and NATO to stop cooperation with the Russian Federation. But We These projects will continue. Our approach is responsible. We decided to contribute to the battle against crime and drugs in Afghanistan, and the political situation won't stop us. These projects We will continue from its own resources, and will look for partners, " the Russian diplomat said.

Also, According to of sculptor, over the last four years the Russian Federation gratis put the police of Afghanistan " about 37 thousand barrels fire small arms: Kalashnikov rifles, machine guns, and ammunition ".

in accordance with the Agreement of 1949 main objective of NATO is to safeguard the freedom and security of its member countries by political and military means. NATO gives guarantees of the protection of common values allies - democracy, freedom, identity, rule of law and the peaceful resolution of disputes and promotes these values throughout the Euro-Atlantic region. NATO provides a forum for public consultation in North America and Europe on security issues of common concern and common action in addressing them.

The purpose of the organization is ensuring the collective security of its members in the European-Atlantic region, an attack on one member organization is seen as an attack on the Union as a whole. According to the NATO Charter, it is open to new members, and able to develop the principles of the Treaty and to contribute to collective security. On purposes and tasks of NATO

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Russian Ambassador: Osinovka cooperation with NATO does harm army of Afghanistan
 -  Знаменитости Russian Ambassador: Osinovka cooperation with NATO does harm army of Afghanistan
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