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For EU cooperation with Armenia - priority mission: Ambassador of Lithuania

After the accession of Armenia in the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) interaction Between Armenia and the European Union can successfully develop in such spheres as tourism, information technologies, science and education, etc. About It at a press conference in Yerevan on June 16, said the Ambassador of Lithuania to Armenia Mr. erikas Petrikas, reports news Agency journalist.
" the Armenian leader Serzh Sargsyan and Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan spoke about the Fact that, by joining the Eurasian economic Union, Armenia becomes a linking bridge Between the EU and the Association, which Yerevan shall come. When We talk specifically about the practical steps, remember our first steps in the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine. In the beginning, We have Not been able to establish itself in these markets, as the overwhelming majority of them are exported its products. It is no secret that the main direction of our export was the food industry. Then We realized that it is difficult to win markets, most, for a small country. Then We began to invest, build, fresh plants and to export fresh goods. In this regard, Armenia also has the ability to be an interesting market for investments that have a potential to grow into export ", - explained the Lithuanian diplomat.
According to the policy, cooperation Between Armenia and the European Union can develop in such fields as science, information technology and tourism." These areas have the potential for development. For example, economic cooperation Between Lithuania and Armenia can develop in the sphere of tourism, But here hindering factor is the lack of direct flights Between the countries ", - stated Petrikas, adding that Typically trade turnover Between Armenia and Lithuania increased by 20% a year.
" I think This is a good indicator. But, When We consider the trade turnover figures, the data do Not satisfy our needs. We wish to make the first steps to establish contacts Between the business communities of the 2 countries, and to promising areas of cooperation worked in practice ", - said the diplomat, adding that Armenia and Lithuania and interact in the cultural sphere." in 2015 in Armenia to host Days of culture of Lithuania, and in 2016 in Lithuania - the Days of culture of Armenia ", said Petrikas.
Speaking about the future of the EU program " Eastern partnership " (EAP) and the relations Between the EU and Armenia, the diplomat noticed that Adopted in November 2013 in Vilnius Declaration has paved the way For future cooperation." Adopted in Vilnius Declaration opened the way for cooperation. In addition, there was another important document. Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandyan and the Supreme Commissioner of the European Union for foreign Affairs and security policy Catherine Ashton Then exchanged letters, where they confirmed That the results achieved by Armenia in 3, 5 years of negotiations with the EU. Despite the Fact that Armenia later than the beginning of the dialogue, She caught up with and surpassed. She did a great job, that was fixed. For this reason, We believe that cooperation with Armenia remains a priority for us. Just now We are looking for areas of cooperation that will Not obstruct the fact that Armenia is entering the Eurasian economic Union, " he said.
However, ericas Petrikas expressed satisfaction with the fact that in January 2015 EU presidency will proceed to Latvia." I know that they (Latvians) now seriously interested in the program " Eastern partnership ", and the Fact that We began in 2013, our neighbours Latvians will continue. New European Commission will gather In the current year, and will be reviewed what We are today. It will also define the main tasks. I have No doubt that cooperation Between Armenia and the EU will continue in many areas, " he said, adding that the agenda of the European Union continues to update and clarify the prospects of the program " Eastern partnership ".

" What will be the attitude of the new European Commission to these problems, it's hard to say. However, I know that the current month is very important for countries of " Eastern partnership ", most, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. Ukraine has already signed the 1st (political) part of the Treaty on unity and currently will sign the 2nd part of the document. This will be a new impetus to the relations Between Ukraine and the EU. The same thing will happen with Georgia and Moldova. These are the fundamental elements for future cooperation, " concluded the head of the diplomatic mission of Lithuania to Armenia.

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For EU cooperation with Armenia - priority mission: Ambassador of Lithuania
 -  Знаменитости For EU cooperation with Armenia - priority mission: Ambassador of Lithuania
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