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30 thousand pilgrims held a procession in honor of St. Sergius of Radonezh

Milena Faustova. More than 30 thousand people from different regions of Russia on Wednesday in Moscow region took part in many hours of the religious process after 700 years of one of the most venerated saints in Russia - St Sergius of Radonezh. The walking pilgrimage from Pokrovsky convent, where the relics of the parents of the monk Sergei, Before he founded the Trinity-Sergius Lavra topped himself PATRIARCH of Moscow and all Russia Kirill.


About the monastery fence, where required to move the Pilgrims, the citizens began to gather in the evening fifteen July and to occupy convenient places and to be in the beginning of the column, and to even get into the city: Bronnitsy Since early morning closed For traffic.

After learning that the Primate of the Russian Church Itself will take part in the 15-kilometer pilgrimage, most enthusiastically waited for His arrival.

" The PATRIARCH himself is WITH US!" "exclaimed Hope from Volgograd. The woman has told that for this trip and festivities all their diocese was preparing for more than a month, Until the end of almost nobody believed that everything will go as smoothly and kind ".

Among participants are a lot of children. Nikita only 5 years old, This is the 1st in His life procession, and the child eagerly asked: " Mom, Mom, and we will go?" It is a real adventure travel, which he will tell my friends in the kindergarten.


Geography arrived covers the whole Russian alphabet from " a " To " I " and all the canonical territory of the Russian Orthodox Church: Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan and other countries. The pilgrims traveled on trains, buses, " post ". In some way took several days.

" How NOT to go to the celebrations? The same day our beloved Saint, who and the Orthodox faith strengthened, and the Russian state United, " said George from Samara. His group, several dozen people. To know each loved one in the crowd, They tied a yellow ribbon in His vision, It " color Church and celebrations ".

A little distance from the noisy, excited pleasant anticipation of the crowd is Galina. In her arms the three-month baby was Probably one of the most young pilgrims. To take a toddler Woman was afraid at first but then I decided: " Holy will help in case ". The difficulty in one of the baby must often to feed, And in the open FIELD, and Among the crowd It difficult to build.


However, all the problems faced by travellers, decide volunteers " there are More than 1000. They're In all the way suited to people offer their help, advice. Someone will take some shade to rest, someone just support in the way.

As told journalists Last news 18-year-old Anton, become a VOLUNTEER was NOT difficult." I just sent your message on a special website and received the answer that I would VOLUNTEER. I was so glad!" - remembers the young man. This is His 1st experience with volunteer work.

previously, he only wanted to help people." But here also the anniversary of my favorite Saint. I'm a student. And the monk Sergei, as far as I know, also initially poorly studied. And after him was a miracle of insight, and he become a Saint. I dream that this work I will also help in my studies, and in faith, " smiles volunteer.

for the first half-hour procession crowd stretched for several kilometers. Here and there we hear the citizens praying, singing hymns and troparia. However, there are those who walk in silence. In the 30-degree heat under the scorching sun's hard to say. Water bottle holds in store pilgrims quickly empty. Save locals who at the gate of their houses bottled water. Citizens drinking, washing, wet clothes, and shawls.

Suddenly a wave is posted: " Listen, And How the PATRIARCH goes Something in this heat?" focusing on the pace at which removed the Pilgrims, the Primate of the Church is NOT at all tired. To the first point of rest in 5, 5 kilometers from the beginning of the procession reach in the shortest possible time - It took a Little over an hour. The yellow from the sun-bleached grass glade already waiting for machines With drinking water and food stalls.

Declared an hour break Pilgrims prefer to spend lying on the grass, women off my shoes, To rest his feet.

" Nothing, 1st, the most difficult part was overcome, it will be easier. With US the PATRIARCH and the monk Sergei. And then - Laura!", - encouraging each loved the faithful.


Annunciation FIELD is the end point of a difficult route. It is located a few kilometers from the monastery, and the Golden domes of the monastery visible to the pilgrims. Say, in the silence you can hear the bell ringing. The FIELD is divided camping For pilgrims who arrived on all days of the celebrations. Military tents With beds, bed linen, power showers and even military bath - organizers tried to make visitors maximum comfort.

camping is designed for 10 thousand people, but anyone to drive will NOT - will have any opportunity, However, in NOT More comfortable conditions for staying here the whole time of celebration.

With a huge scene, decorated with images of saints, PATRIARCH declares the beginning of the main commemorative events in honor of the 700 anniversary of the birthday of Sergei of Radonezh. The culmination of the celebrations will be the festive Liturgy in the Cathedral square of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra on July 18.

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30 thousand pilgrims held a procession in honor of St. Sergius of Radonezh
 -  Знаменитости 30 thousand pilgrims held a procession in honor of St. Sergius of Radonezh
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