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Ruble decreases in anticipation of the punishment, the Euro is almost 48 rubles

Dmitry Mayorov. The ruble against the bi-currency basket on Tuesday evening reduced by updating at least from mid-may on concerns on the issue of sanctions of the EU against Russia. The Euro tried to gain a foothold in the key level in 48 rubles - for the first time on 13 may.

The dollar exchange rate calculations " tomorrow " to 19. 00 MSK increased by 16 cents to 35, 70 roubles, the Euro Rate - on 21 kopecks, to 47, 92 rubles, follows from the data of the capital market. The cost of the currency basket (0, 55 dollars and 0.45 euros) grew by 18 kopecks in comparison with level of the last closed and amounted to 41, 19 of the ruble.

The dollar exchange rate calculations " today " on Tuesday increased by 23 kopecks to 35, 65 of the rouble, the Euro Rate - on 46 cents to 47, 99 roubles.

The Euro on the Forex 18. 57 GMT was equal to 1, 3412 dollar against 1, 3439 dollar at the previous closing.

The rouble on Tuesday continued to slide down, though at a slower rate than the day before. The main factor of pressure on the Russian currency remained geopolitical risks in connection with the situation in the East of Ukraine and possible new sanctions of the West against Russia. The EU just on Tuesday, may announce new sanctions against individuals and organizations of the Russian Federation.

The completion of the tax period and uncertain dynamics of world oil prices also supported the moderate game on the depreciation of the ruble.

While the recent increase in the Central Bank's key rate to 8% annual (7, 5%) does Not significantly support the ruble.

the result on Tuesday, the Euro was trying to gain a foothold in the key level in 48 rubles, but as long as this attempt failed. On the background of weakening of the Euro on the Forex to 1, 3410 dollar this level as long as charged.

Russian currency is again Under pressure, but Not so strong as in the previous trading session, summarized analyst organization Lionstone Investment Services Ltd Alexander Grishanov." A negative factor for the dynamics of the ruble exchange rate remains a conflict with the Western countries, and the anticipation of imposing new sanctions concerning Russia does Not contribute to the support of the ruble, " he says.

" It is also worth noting that on Wednesday, July 30, held a regular meeting of the U.S. Federal reserve. Positive clarification of the dollar have the opportunity to further weaken the position of the ruble. The exchange Rate of the US currency may continue increasing up to 36 rubles, and at the same time, the Euro able in the near future to reach the mark of 48, 20 roubles ", - added Grishanov.

Under the influence of negative external background and harsh rhetoric of the leaders of Europe and the USA the bi-currency basket was fixed above 41 rubles and tests the level of 41, 2 rubles, said Yevgeny Koshelev of ROSBANK.

" Before updates to the sanctions list, pair dollar/Ruble overcame level 35, 50. Further, the rate of ruble depreciation will be depending on the tone of " other " reservations made solutions, " added Koshelev.

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Ruble decreases in anticipation of the punishment, the Euro is almost 48 rubles
 -  Знаменитости Ruble decreases in anticipation of the punishment, the Euro is almost 48 rubles
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